Wow, interesting twist!

So, there I was. Nice hop up to rubber on a highish ( for me ) cement block. I knew there werew 3 skaters behind me. One goes, ‘Dooooooode (in skater-speak), are you in the circus?’

‘Sigh, no’ (I didn’t say ‘sigh’ that was the noise)

‘Well you should be! You’re really good. That was awesome!’

‘Well, thank you kind sir’

I guess some of the times it’s an actual question, not a burn

I get asked that all the time and I think mooost of the time its negative. Today I was riding at the sport and recreation camp where I work and some guys from an athletics development camp saw me riding, asked if I was in the circus, and if i could do any tricks.
I said ‘what sort of tricks?’ they said ‘do a bunny hop’…so I took advantage of the foot and a half high ledge about three metres away, rode up to it, rolled off, rode about three metres away, did a hoptwist 180, rode back towards the ledge, jumped up and did a footplant ‘360’ (do a footplant, then as you jump off the ledge do a spin in the air while you get your foot back on the pedal…with practice you can do a full 360.), landed it and rode away. the guys (they were aged about 16) were totally speechless, and one said ‘man, that shits all over skating, tony hawk looks lame now…’.

As a skater myself, this comment, to say the least, left me feeling rather chuffed!

Wow, a foot plant! Nice.

I can’t quite picture how it would be done. Could I trouble you to give a step-by-step instruction on how do to it…starting from seeing the ledge you are going to plant on?

when people ask me if i’m in the circus, i have to say yes.
it would be too hard to explain that i’m a semi profesional juggler/unicyclist and the performace group i work with is called “the death or glory circus” but we don’t have a big top or any lions.

but am i a clown? no.

i was in bristo square in edinburgh (where alll the skaters/bmxers go)
i was practicing grinds and unispins, this guy comes up to me and says
“wow, i didn’t realise that unicycling was a proper sport, are there loads of people doing it now?”

unfortunatly i couldn’t realy think of anything to say except, “um, yes but theres not many in scotland.”

he said: “thats minted” apparently a huge compliment in edinburgh

Yeah, that happens to me alot. Once I was riding outside a restaurant and some skaters came up to me and their like “Where’s your other wheel?” and I noticed there was a biker behind them and I’m like “He stole it.” Then they just looked at me like I never said anything, then finally they said “Hey, let’s see you do a bunny hop!” then I just run up next to the curb and hop right up it. Of course their like “Whoa that’s freaky” and walk away… I finish off with “Gimme back my wheel!” hehe…

Yesterday a friend and I were riding by the beach where there happened to be a surf competition going on. A couple of kids (highschool) came up to us and asked us a buncha questions. The circus didn’t come up, but they asked us if we were sponsored and to demonstrate a few skills. They were completely impressed. During a lull in the conversation I decided to ask them a few questions. I asked one of them if he surfed. He said “Yeah, my heat’s up next”. It’s nice to meet people who can recognize unicycling as a sport rather then a circus act.


Re: Wow, interesting twist!

“Jax” <> wrote in message
> Jax - The name’s Krine. Jax Krine.
> Oh yeah… (!TRUE STORY!) one time, in my class, this kid did a report
> about Walt Disney and then the weirdest kid in class, Patrick, raised
> his hand, and when he got called on he said, “Did you know that Walt
> Disney’s REAL name was John Wayne?” Then all of us were like, “John
> Wayne? Where the HEC did you get that?” then he just said “Oh, um, um,
> uh, you know, the John Wayne airport and stuff?” Where the heck did that
> come from? John Wayne? Airports? What does that have to do with Walt
> Disney?

Hey Jax, no idea if that’s what this kid was thinking, but there is a way to
connect these 2 people:

DisneyLand is a theme park named after Walt Disney, located in Orange
County, California.
John Wayne airport is named after John Wayne, also located in Orange County,
The easiest way to get to DisneyLand from outside California is to fly into
John Wayne airport.
Go figure

David Winston


Ok, how to do a footplant (or how sam does one)…

Start off riding towards the ledge you plan to use. I ride towards it with my left (non -dominant) side facing the ledge.
When you are nice and close to the ledge (about half a foot away) do a solid rolling hop. At this point you should be travelling alongside the ledge.
When in the air, take your left leg off the pedal and onto the ledge. Transfer your weight onto that foot, and rememeber to lift the uni up into the air underneith you.
Take one step, and push off with the foot on the ledge, then return your foot to the pedal, land and ride away. When I was learning I’d land then take a few hops on the ground to regain control before riding away, now I can ride out of them.

To combine tricks into the footplant - Ive seen people spin their uni’s 360 degrees underneith them while their foot is on the ledge, but my favourite is the 360 spin off the ledge.

As you ‘push’ off the ledge with your left leg, spin yourself around towards the ledge. If you can get this happening quickly, you can pull off a 180 and land facing the direction you approached the leg. That looks pretty cool. If you get it really quick you can do a 270, and then eventually a 360.

A cool trick I like to do is find a wall with a ledge along it. Charge at the wall, jump up to a footplant, do a 180 spin as you are in the air on the way down, and then ride off in the direction you approached.

For an interesting ‘twist’ (sorry about the pun), I approach the ledge I plan to do a footplant on from the right. This puts my right foot closest to the ledge. My fav. footplanting leg is the left so this forces me to do a rolling hoptwist 180 into a footplant with my left leg. at this point i am facing the direction I came. I then push off with my left leg (the one on the ledge) and do a further 180 degree spin in the air on my way down, completing a 360 degree spin.

These tricks are great fun and look awesome. They arent real difficult and once you get the hang of them can be used to climb high things…

and for anyone who thinks this os OT … the thread was titled ‘and interesting twist’ …and, well, this footplant is an interesting twist.

Thanks for the play-by-play, quite informative. that’s what I’ll work on next. I may just try to go directly from a foot plant into a back flip

Back flip? Sounds good :).
The 360 isnt all that hard. Try it without the uni and see :).


I NEED to go out riding with you some time. Those footplants sounds awsome. Is that street stuff your favourite style of riding? I hope you can make it to UniNats and teach me some things. Maybe you could convince one of your mates at uni to take some photos of your footplanting.

Nice work!

Andrew, ‘street trials’ is pretty much all I do these days. I dont get a chance to do Muni that much and spend a lot of my afternoons at the university campus riding around, trying drops, stairs, and things like footplants.

Ive never really tried a proper trials setup, so that would be cool, although I dont know if thats really what I’m into. I sort of ride ‘street trials’ to see if I can get from point a to point b without biffing it … a challenge.

I also spend a fair bit of time mucking around at the local skatepark with the skaters and bmxers, they have pretty much accepted me now (as I used to skate quite a bit). I still want to try the halfpipe though.

As for photos - yeah, I should get some done, maybe even rustle up a digital video camera…but i just dont see the point i suppose. Id feel pretty stupid asking my friends to ‘take pictures of me riding a unicycle and doing tricks’ … they dont seem to see it as a big deal anymore - its sort of like they’re thinking ‘yeah, theres sam, he just jumped off a park bench on a unicycle, he makesit look easy, so it must be’…

has anybody ever taken a uni to a halfpipe?
i can imagine it must the ultimate gliding experience?

What I do for videos is put the camera down somewhere and hit record then ride in front of it. It’s good to have photos to remind you of what you used to do. When I’m 90 (and still unicycling of course) I want to be able to look back at the photos I’ve taken and remember how much fun I had.


Interesting twist!

I have dropped into the Town half-pipe a couple of times. I kinda landed both times but didn’t fully ride out of it. The first time I tried I had a bent axle. The second time I tried I had a bent axle and a buckled rim (due to landing the post-office stairs badly). The interesting twist in the unicycle bucked me off after going a few revolutions since it was not even, and I built speed quite rapidly after dropping in. I did not like the pressure of having people standing around watching, waiting for me to ride down. It looks quite high when you are up there and the longer you sit there the more you think about falling backwards and catching the back of your head on the coping. Of course that didn’t happen because I cleared the vertical bit with my forwards momentum and I landed on the sloping bit. I am pretty sure I could land it ok on my new Unicycle but I don’t have anything to prove so I am in no hurry to try again. I don’t think Unicycles are built for Vert ramps. You can drop in on them but theres not much else you can do unless it is a small ramp maybe. Skateboard ramps are more suited to BMX’s and Skateboards and Rollerblades since they are able to freewheel. I doubt Unicycle gliding on a Skateboard Ramp is an option except for in theory or in your dreams.

build a freewheeling uni and give it a go!