Wow I'm in another magazine, but had no idea!

I just got an email from the SB uni group mailing list. It was sent to everyone on the list, and not to me personally. I thought, wow that’s weird, I didn’t even know about this!:stuck_out_tongue:

I got an email from Eyal saying it will likely also be on there website soon. This is info I found about the magazine:

The Magazines

Destination Wine Country magazines are exclusively devoted to affluent wine country regions and everything they offer. From Pinots to pairings, sipping to shopping, Rieslings to real estate, winemaking to weddings, Destination Wine Country magazines satisfies the reader’s curiosity and romantic fascination with wine country living. At the heart of the magazines are the winery profiles that guarantee superior distribution and unmatched readership. The magazines use a hybrid design layout that combines resourceful guidebook information with interesting articles in a colorful lifestyle format. Destination Wine Country magazines are strategically distributed to reach both high-end residents and tourists alike. The magazines are distributed in-room and at the concierge or front desk at leading hotels and resorts, at advertiser locations, at wine events, in winery tasting rooms, through subscriptions and via direct-mail through wine club

You famous!!!

Can I have your autograph now…

Haha yeah right!:stuck_out_tongue:

Why are people letting these threads die lately? Its this kind of recognition that pushes our sport further, and he got one post? Seriously!

Haha, I really wish I was you Terry, but i’m happy for you to say the least :slight_smile:

Good job on all the media’s attention lately.

Thanks, and it’s weird I don’t know how or why my pic ended up in that mag. It’s also funny that a MUni story would even be in a wine mag, but it’s still recognition for our sport!:slight_smile:

I’m still trying to figure out how we could get ALL of the forum members (15,000+?) together for like the biggest group shot ever! WOnder if there’s a wide angle lens big enough, or maybe we’d need to take the shot from space, lol!:stuck_out_tongue:


Nice flying there Terry!

Yeah, cool picture and article, building respect for the sport.

And BTW, Happy fathers day Terry!

its a strange place to read about unicycling isn’t it! But still cool, how come your in it without knowing though? (great pic though)

that would be sooo cool, but it would be imposible to get that manu unicyclists there for the picture. How about an airial shot of 15000+ unicyclists stood in the shape of a unicycle!

Well, apparently one of the members of Santa Barbara Muni club gave the magazine some pictures, including that one, and they decided to publish that particular one. Nobody alerted me, aske me or told me about it. But no complaints here.:slight_smile:

Congratulations Terry! Your so awesome now your in a wine magazine. Whats next? Terry The unicyling porn star? hehe good work but :slight_smile:

Lol! But I thought with the popularity of the “wine themed” movie, “Sideways”, they might have used something more like this:

And porn movie with unicycles? what would it be called, “unisex”? :D:p :roll_eyes: (Uh oh…here comes officer “Loomis” again!)

It’d be called “Level Eleven” :wink: :smiley:

Or “One UP”.:stuck_out_tongue: Or “Not 2 tired for…” Haha. (Talk about your X-rated “mounting tutorials”! :wink: )

Hahah, or “Training Wheels Not Required.”

…oh wait! That’s already be used :).

Or “Defect” for you!

“UniGeezer to teaser and please her!”:smiley:

Angelina Jolie & Terry Peterson in:

“Tease her & please her starring the UniGeezer!” :smiley:

Awesome shot :smiley:

That’s cool, I will defently need your autograph if I ever meet you, because you will defently be famous one day.