Wow I Won a Custom Gravity Frame!

I never won anything in my life.

On Friday I was working from home and I got a call from Josh at UDC telling me I won first prize–a custom Gravity frame. It’s pretty sweet! I am going to switch it out from my white Regent frame and sell the Regent frame.

Scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see the frame. Pretty unique.

Swheeet! What did you have to do to enter the drawing?

Congrats on the win. Post a picture once you put it together.

Congratulations to you. That’s a good start to 2014.

It looks really cool!
Well done!

That’s the funny thing. I have no idea. Maybe from buying tons of stuff from UDC!

I will def post a picture.

Awesome! Congratulations!

Congratulations :slight_smile:
That’s a neat looking frame.

Yeah, as if a 40 year old man attempting 180s in my neighborhood doesn’t draw enough attention, now I’ll be riding this frame.

Congratulations Aaron,

You won because you purchased an Impact unicycle in December and this automatically added you to the Impact Tombola.

You will love the frame, it has been sitting in our office for a few months and everyone has been saying how lovely it is.


Roger, is it difficult to make such custom frame in full production as standard ?

The irony is that I bought the Impact Regent on sale during xmas to be a spare trials/flat uni for home. I mostly get to practice during lunch at work, so I keep my KH20 at work and leave my Impact at home for the weekends, that way I don’t have to move them back and forth by car.

Anyway, when I got the Regent I really kind of wanted the gravity frame, but decided to go the cheaper route and get the regent. Now I have the gravity, and what a gravity I have!

I don’t imagine making anything like this as a production uni would be worth it. The cost, for one, and second most people would want something more simple.

It was not cheap to produce, but made at source it may not be that bad… it is something to discuss when we visit the factory in March.

I guess there may be a market for some interesting color schemes on top end unis. We are stuck with KH blue, black for the Oracles and at least some color for the plain nimbus.

Do you like these ?!/photo.php?fbid=965378220143909&set=a.963515176996880.1073741832.190432387638500&type=1&theater

Sure, what are those frames?

Mad 4 One
made in Italy

I’ve looked at their stuff before. The cranks look great, but too expensive for my budget.

I don’t see any frames on their site though. Is this new?

kahunacohen, I am sorry, but audience is waiting for pictures of unicycle with new frame :roll_eyes:

Same here :stuck_out_tongue: