WOW!!! I met a guy riding a 29" with kh gloves and everything!

ARRRRRR IM SO AMAZED!!! Just then rite now is saw him. What are the chances of seeing a guy riding a 29" unicycle where I live wearing kh gloves with gadgets on his uni and a light on his helmet, a road unicyclist! I live in a town with a population of 3000 compared to adelaide which has 1 million is hardly any but its not one of them towns that just has a general store and is desert land lol. We have banks and supermarkets and all…OH so amazing 1 in a million chance of meetting this guy on his 29" unicycle anyway so excited i got to calmd down… I was shaking all over inside.

I was practicing wheel walk for 5 mins until I heard a “guy” say something like “I dont think you would be expecting to see me around here”. He was about 40. I turned around and there he was with his 29" unicycle with a kh free ride saddle and seat post I think. I almost DIED and was so shocked and amazed and tunza thoughts came into my head, especially about having someone to RIDE WITH! I questioned him with lots of questions and every question I was EXCITED i can’t tell you how much I was amazed anyway, I asked-

Whered you get that unicycle? I can’t remember what he said but i think some cycle shop on some road
How long you been unicycling for? “since the start of this year”
Is that the same saddle as mine (i was riding my kh trials)? "nah its a KH free ride saddle.
Do you think youll keep riding for a long time “definitely, I love it”
Where do you live? “nuri” (thats just the next town from mine which is 5km away, not far).
What size are your kh gloves? “Large but medium will prbably fit you” (he let me try them on so now I have experienced wearing them!
How bigs that tyre? “29 inch”

He told me that a bloke he knew lived around the corner. The bloke told “guy” (pity i didn’t get his name) about me (lately lots of people have been saying “I’ve heard about you” Im getting more known now!
There was more I need to remember…mmmmmm…
I just said I sometimes go to the the skatpark in nure (where he lives) so he might see me and we can catch up sometime. He said he may be getting a 20". Another partner to ride with! woooo i thought I would never get a partner to ride with. I can’t wait to tell my friend (hes getting a nimbus sometime this year). Now theres 3 unicyclists I know, my frend who I inspired, my brothers frend who I inspired and the guy who i met today.

Very surprising that he kinda knew me because he reads the forums and I was surpiresed to hear that. He is not a member cos he doesnt have interent access so i guess he just uses it when hes at a frends house or something.
He knew about my busking and everything which was very weird to hear.

This has been a great experience and if YOU’RE reading this now, Im not sure what your name is, it was nice know theres another unicyclist in my local area! THIS IS GREAT! So rare!..

Guy that has a 29" unicycle that lives in nuri, can you please join the forums even if you hardly use it cos when you do I would just like too keep in touch with you and know more about you!

I wish that could happen to me :frowning: I live in a metropolitan area of 2.5+ million people but my chances of bumping into someone riding are very, very slim…

That would be so awesome! I only know one other guy who I met the other day but he isn’t a great rider but still. :slight_smile: grats XD


XD is a smiley, turn your head to the left… its just like : D with eyes is a X and i allso wish i had someone to ride with its getting boring to ride alone:(

Trust me, with the way petrol prices are going. You might bump into someone riding a unicycle someday. :smiley: :smiley:

I’ve seen a guy ride a uni past my house (cheap cyclepro or sun or something) and there were about 5 or 6 in my school who could ride in a wobbly fashion before I even touched the things

I remember one day I was riding and bumped into a few kids and one of them rode a sun 20 in.

Honestly, it was kind of fun showing off by jumping off of picnic tables and wheelwalking. Pretty basic stuff to you guys, but they were amazed.

Alone in Tampa Bay

I ride a 29er with a cycling cap and wrist guards along beautiful scenery such as bridges, parks with a 10% grade and by the beach. I wish someone would ride along side me. Any takers? :sunglasses:

Closest I’ve come to that was when my son and I were riding unicycles on the local bike trail, we met a couple of people riding Segways.

I’ve seen a couple of other unicyclists in Dallas but I was on my bike at the time. And had a couple of people tell me they rode unicycles, although they weren’t on them at the time.

I ride in a villiage with no more than 300-400 people in it, and there is an old man that worked for a small bike company that made unicycles, he could ride. There is a 9 yr old who beged her dad for a unicycle and now has one and can ride (she was inspired by me going past every day on my unicycle!) and a man who does bike touring around the country with a unicyclist on a 29 or 36, but he cannot ride (he’s tried, and has offered me his old 20" pashley)
And locally i have met loads of unicyclists (james, mark, jack, jamie, chris) and others that have unis but have never really tried to ride. There are unicycles scattered everywhere, but few with the determination to ride! So the more you inspire, the more unicyclists there are to ride with!

Cool stories. : P

you should have avoided them…i know you are good enough to control where you are going and not randomly hit people:D :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :slight_smile:

i’ve never met anyone on them, but i was riding with some friends and skaters we saw were very impressed once we started riding trials and whatnot

I don’t know if your joking LOL but he didn’t mean he literally physically bumped into them…

Only once I’ve had the good fortune to meet another unicyclist in the street.
He was walking towards me pushing his 20" and I had just reached my car which happened to have my 29" on the back seat.
We were on opposite sides of the street so I had to shout across to get his attention.
He probably thought I was some kind of weirdo.
Eventually he crossed the street and I smiled and said “Wanna swap?” motioning to my uni in the car.
We had a great time fooling around on each others uni’s.

Also, I met up with Ivan last weekend and after dropping him off in Tiverton (with his Triton uni), proceeded to get lost and do a circuit of the town.
I stopped at a junction only to see him at the pavement corner.
I couldn’t resist it.
“Hey mister! Where’s your other wheel?” I shouted before driving off.