WOW Fun Meet - Ohio - June 4th, 2005

I got the following message from Jan Layne not long ago. I haven’t seen anyone except Darren (in NAUCC thread) post the info, so - here it is:
In the past the event has taken place around parking lot #5, anyone hear different?
Park site
Map of Park

The WOW 4-H Unicycle Club will host their Annual Unicycle
Fun Meet at Maumee Bay State Park, Oregon, Ohio, on Saturday,
June 4, 2005. Registration will begin at 9:30 AM. The first event will be the long
race and will begin at 10:00. Other events will be a short race, slow
board race, obstacle course, one foot race, walk the wheel race,
ultimate wheel race and a juggling race.
There will be pairs competition and a ride around the lake.
All ages and skill levels are welcome.
Ribbon awards will be given for all events.
Age groups are the same as National Unicycle Meet.
Please bring food to share or give a money donation.
Hot dogs and drinks will be provided.
No registration fee.
In case of bad weather the meet will be canceled.
Don’t forget your gloves and kneepads must be worn.
Helmets are a great idea.
WOW 4-H Club
Jan Layne, advisor

You can contact Jan with questions
jlayne1 (at)

See you there, Kathy

Two Days!

I live pretty far away, but have never been to a unicycling event before. Anyone been to this in the past? Should I go? It’s about a 5 hour drive and I’m not very good at unicycling yet…can ride good distances, hop and mount well, but other than that no tricky stuff. What do people think? Would it be worth it? Oh, and what does WOW stand for?

Five hours is a long way to drive for the day. I’ll bet if you watch, there will be something happening in your area soon.

It’s only a little over an hour for me but I haven’t gone in several years due mostly to graduation parties and the like. I hear that Darren and the gang from Toronto are going. It’s a chance to meet lots of unicyclist from the area as well as the organizers of this year’s NAUCC. If you can make NAUCC in July, you should come, even more unicyclists will be there.

If you decide to make the trip, camping is an option since there is a campground in the park.

WOW stands for Wood (as in Wood County, Ohio) One Wheelers.

Did anyone attend last year? How did it go?

I went to this event in 1998 and it rained all day. Not the best example. I missed my opportunity to meet Steve Gordon, who was apparently huddled in one of the many other cars while we waited for the rain to subside!

For HistoricalGoof (and Kathy), no, it is not likely that any similar events will happen any closer to your town than NYC (check a map folks, he’s not close to NYC!).

The big reason to go to a unicycling event with lots of people is the people. Not only do you get to see what they can do, you also get to meet them, learn from them, and get motivated like you never have before. I would be there if I lived (a lot) closer…

Consider this trip a warm-up for NAUCC. If you like it, come down to NAUCC in July!