Wow! First ride on 29er...

Greetings from North Dakota! Last October I posted to this list, a
brief series of notes documenting my struggle to stay in the saddle of
my shiny new 24" stealth Torker. Alas, after much practice I was
finally successful in learning to ride the unicycle–a proud
accomplishment for me at age 51. Thanks to all those who shared words
of advice and encouragement!

Well, once the snow melted off the parking lots (only a few weeks
ago), I resumed my outdoor efforts to obtain a few more essential
uni-skills. I’m pleased to say that I continue to make slow but
steady progress toward level 2 status. In addition, I’ve improved my
endurance (saddle-time) markedly in the 20+ hours of Spring practice.
Self-confidence is waxing; UPDs are waning!

Unfortunately, I did experience a rather unpleasant UPD recently (on
13 April). It was a silly thing really, I was somehow catapulted
forward and onto the pavement and into a crumpled heap whilst
attempting a much-too-enthusiastic freemount. Now I’m not exactly
sure what happened (I’d love to see the instant replay), but I ended
up colliding somehow with my left elbow in such a way as to cleanly
break rib number 10, left side. Pow! The pain was of Homeric
proportion! Ouch! That’s one UPD I’ll NEVER forget!

I haven’t been on the unicycle since the accident. I’m taking a
respite from one-wheeled adventures, and potential colateral damage,
until the ailing rib knits…Okay, I lied. I must confess that did
just return from a 20 minute uni-adventure an hour ago. I sneaked out
to the parking lot to ride my brand new purchase from, a
spiffy black Yuni 29er. (I ordered this uni before my injury. It
arrived on Thursday, 22 April, and I’ve been sooooo eager to take it
out for a ride.) I succumbed to temptation! Wow! What a smooth,
smooth, smooth ride! The Yuni 29er (with 125mm cranks and Nanoraptor
tire) rides like Grandpa’s ol’ Oldsmobile! Cushy! It’s one thing to
read about the difference between an Torker 24 and Yuni 29er, and
another thing completely to experience it. I think I’m in love! :wink:

–carl (North Dakota)