Wow, everyone should watch this online video...

You unicyclists might be interested in what us flatlanders are up to these days…

Quite impressive, I must say. If I were to get into flatland, where’s a good place for newbies to get good information?(without getting flamed, preferably)

I like it! hmm…can you put pegs on a uni? Might make for some interesting new tricks!

Yeah, I was thinking of some way to attach pegs onto my unicycle. Maybe welding some very short ones an inch or two under the fork crown. If you’re looking for another fun activity that is more flatland based, make an unbike. Put together a stem, handlebars, fork, front wheel and pegs. It’s a lot like a uni but with no seat and you balance with your legs. I can do high speed turbines (rolling forwards in a tight circle then turbining and rolling backwards) working on bike flips and some scuffing stuff. I’m into anything on one wheel, really.

Oh and Tron, if you’re looking to get into flatland, check out and, for some good videos and how-to’s, and is the only way to go for flatland bikes and parts. The best active flatland message board is the one at

iv got a uni with pegs. It’s just a normal bmx style front wheel and the frame has normal fork dropouts, slide it in and crank down the axle nuts. the pegs are also holemade from tubing and washers, and welding of course.

Pics please


I would but my camera is in california, 2000 some miles away. Later this week Ill post some pics/vids. just today I learned seat drag coast on it, which is almost impossible on a normal Funi.

Re: Wow, everyone should watch this online video…

“Max_Dingemans” <> wrote in
> just today I learned seat drag coast on it, which is almost impossible on
a normal Funi.

A Pic/Vid of that would be nice to see.

David Winston

Like I said, camera is thouands of miles away. when it comes back Ill do some posting.

So flatlanders started to play pool. Hmmm… impressive I suppose.

That video is very inspiring. There should be a dozen or more new unicycle freestyle tricks in there somewhere, for people who are interested on working on them.

The bike offers more movement options than a unicycle, because you have more parts to work with, and more positions on it. But there’s still plenty we can do on unicycles.

Thanks for posting that video!

It’s amazing watching flatlanders. I don’t know anyone else who rides unicycles so I always go out and practice with my friend who rides flatland. The stuff they do is incredible. A lot of them are riding with no brakes as well…

Unicycle content: I went out and rode for the first time in a month or so, been trying to learn seat in front and still no luck…

im looking for framed flatliners

is there any real framed flatlanders out here?
every thing i look up is about there stuiped nasa bikes, and new wheels.
there chasing some dam sissors right now, witch gives me time to look for any others out here, if not i guess ill skip
ill be leaving before nov 10 2006
so please let me know if there any one else out here
and you well be tested

I love watching a good flatland video, they remind me of japanese freestyle videos.