Wow! 40" Uni on ebay!

Looks really cool but the tire’s low profile seems almost invisible! It also appears to have old, cottered cranks, and probably a very weak steel rim. Also, I’m not sure but it looks to have about 56 spokes! Still looks cool! :slight_smile:

There is a tire, it sais no TEARS not no TIRES. It is just a solid rubber one.

Yeah I saw it.:smiley:

haha, i just put a bid on it, if i get it ill just do it up again

i like how the bearings press directly onto the frame!
thats pretty cool…

I had to run into my garage and make sure our 40 was still there.

It would be nice to have a matching set…

Yeah just like a schwinn…come to think of it, it IS a schwinn I believe. An oldie at that!:smiley:

The rim is two 28 spoke 20" rims brazed together to make a 56 hole rim. It is quite strong once laced up.

Another interesting thing is the way the spoke wires go throug the hub. One wire makes two spokes, it is only a 28 hole hub.

The hard “wheelchair” tire is very squirly the first time you try to ride it. I’ve seen accomplished Cokeurs have a hard time getting going on the initial tries.

so would you say its a good buy if i get it unibrier?

They are a great novely and parade uni. Accomplished riders, such as John Foss and Bill Gilbertson, can do pirouettes. Looks pretty cool.

Cokers are much better for distance.

I don’t know how much shipping is to Down Under but at the current price it is a bargain. A replacement hub alone is way more than that.

ill let you all know if i get it or not, im off to go riding in the rain on my muni for a bit, ciao

A Tom Miller original big wheel…is it worth it? Are you serious? Tommy Miller has been building custom unicycles for longer than many of the RSU forum members have been alive. Many of them are innovative works of art. He was the big wheel before there was Coker. He was the custom giraffe. He was the novelty unicycle.

too bad you can’t put cotterless cranks on it…or can you? Probably not because of the hub I reckon.:frowning:

When i saw that, it almost resembled my modded coker except mine had an powdercoating of the Australian flag design on the frame and you could still see the tyre clearly. :smiley:

:smiley: Still nice though. :smiley:

One problem… this is only to be posted in the US… If you win it and they agree to post to Aus you will be up for a F*CK LOAD!!!

That is true, but then again. It’s a 40" unicycle. :smiley:

beautiful uni. Whoever wins the auction is very lucky. I know that this sort of thing doesn’t come up for sale often at all.

That big wheel is still priced well below what it’s worth! I own Tom Miller’s big wheel #30, my 45". This is a 40". For reference, that uni will fit into a Volkswagen Beetle, but the 45" won’t. I also used to own big wheel #20 but that one went from me to Brett Bymaster. If he still has it he might be willing to sell (he’s in San Jose, CA)!

Hard-tire big wheels don’t ride like Cokers at all. They’re great for performing, and not-great-at-all for distance riding. As UniBrier mentioned, they’re great for swooping turns, spins and pirouettes! But they suck on bumps; you feel every nuance of the road’s texture.

This one appears to be in very good condition and looks to have minimal wear. I wish it were possible to see the serial number and date, which are stamped into the frame near the bearings.

No, it’s not a Schwinn but it’s basically a Schwinn copy using Schwinn components. The frame is made from scratch. The rim is most likely made from the scraps of two 26" Schwinn tubular rims. Strong and heavy, but still susceptible to flat spots due to the lack of shock absorbtion in the tire.

It’s just nice to see Tom Miller’s work. It’s a beauty.

Wow! I’m glad now that I posted this thread!:slight_smile: