Wounded Warrior Ride-Hutchinson, Ks.

I did my first official ride on my Nimbus 36 last Sunday. It was a smaller ride in Hutchinson, Ks. to support the national Wounded Warrior Project, which supports military personnel wounded in action.

There were probably about 60 riders who raised about $2,000 for the project. My wife and I did the short 15 mile route. That doesn’t sound to bad except that the wind was blowing 25+, gusting to almost 40. The ride out was with a quartering headwind, and back with a quartering tailwind. I have to admit that it was the worst riding experience I’ve had on 1 or 2 wheels. I averaged about 7.5 mph, but it felt like 2.5. The wind actually “pushed” me off the wheel a couple of times. I was leaning into the wind as well as turning my upper body into it to ride a somewhat straight line.

I think I learned my lesson on what I can comfortably ride in. While the weather was a pain, the group of riders and the sponsoring bike shop were all great people. The real plus is that I made the front page of the Hutch paper. I’m at work right now but I’ll post the pic tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the attention I get when people see the 36 for the first time.