Would you support rec.sport.hovercraft?

Sport folks,

I’ve started the cumbersome process of starting a hovercraft newsgroup. The
reason this affects you is that since hovercraft are such odd critters, I’m
having trouble finding a general area to create a hovercraft newsgroup.

Rec.sport.hovercraft would be a good location for a hovercraft group because
recreational hovercraft are raced in competition all over the World and such a
group would allow hovercraft enthusiasts to conglomerate in one place for
hovercraft discussion.

Other group selections were rec.hovercraft and rec.boats.hovercraft.

Would you, the rec.sport.* heirarchy, accept a new rec.sport.hovercraft group?
Although this isn’t the official RFD (Request for Discussion) which will allow
for the official discussion, I would appreciate your opinion e-mailed to me
<aolshove@iti2.net> or posted here. Thanks for your help!

            - Alex Olshove

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