Would you forgive another “what uni should I buy” thread

I searched and found a lot on this, but I hope my question is just different enough to warrant a new thread. I realized while practicing the other day that I have absolutely no desire to hop onto or off of picnic tables or over trials gaps. I also don’t see myself riding down treacherous mountain tracks that would scare me on my $1,500 mountain bike, let alone one wheel. I don’t anticipate riding long distances for hours on end, nor do I feel the urge to get into tons of freestyle skills like wheelwalking. I’m thinking of plain recreational riding.

I do want something solid, good quality. I originally thought I’d buy a muni just because they look so tough, but now I don’t think that’s the best idea for me. I’m thinking at least a 24" wheel or maybe even a 26", so I don’t have to pedal myself silly going down the sloping paved hills around my neighborhood. But I also don’t want such a large wheel that I’ll lose a lot of maneuverability. I also would like the ability to ride in grassy fields, on dirt footpaths or over loose pebbles without crashing. I know I’ll have to compromise on some things.

I’ve had my Torker LX for several months now and can freemount (only sometimes, but I think I have the idea,) and pedal the length of a parking lot. I plan on continuing to use it to learn how to idle, ride backwards, execute tight corners, and roll off/hop up curbs. But for the type of riding I’ll probably do, what brand/type do you think? Or if components, what kind of frame, wheel type/size etc.? My budget would be about $500 US, maybe more if there’s something out there worth the extra dollars.

Thanks everybody.

For what you described I think that any of the unicycles described here would suit the task just fine.

My preference would be for the “Semcycle Deluxe 26-inch Standard Model” but I’d switch the saddle for a KH saddle.

If the most you plan on doing is just basic riding around with an occasional curb drop then even the inexpensive $60 sun 26" unicycle would probably be (barely?) adequate.

You’ll notice that the prices vary quite a bit; from $60 to over $400 but none breaks the $500 barrier you mentioned.

Ultimately I believe that it is very much a matter of personal preference/budget. I’ve never ruined a unicycle rim. And rarely have I bent or broken cranks or hubs even on the cheapest of unicycles. I’m sure others will have strong opinions that are biased by their type of riding. In the end, only you can answer what is the best unicycle for you.


If I where you, I’d get the SUN , and upgrade to a Kris Holm or Miyata seat.
I wouldn’t describe a SUN as “solid”, but unless you do terrible things to it the wheel is probably the only thing you’ll risk breaking. If the wheel gets ruined, or you change your mind about muniing, you can get a wheel upgrade and still be well under your budget

I’d recommend something like a yuni or sem xlw, alex dx32, and a maxxis hookworm, suzue hub and bicycle euro crank arms. They make fine cruisers, and are perfectly solid for most riding. All the components listed above would work with a 24" or a 26". The result is a nice, smooth ride. It also ends up being reasonably affordable. The Hookworm also works reasonably well for grassy/dirt or thin gravel.

Infact, this is the wheel I would recommend. Put a hookworm on, and add a seat/pedals and you’re ready to go.

I think the question to ask yourself, is what do you want that your Torker LX doesn’t do?

If you have a hard time answering that, I’d just wait and enjoy what you have. Eventually, you may get into some of the things that you say you’re not interested in.

I figured it’s a pretty good bet that I’d enjoy the touring kind of riding I described. I want a new uni because like to purchase high-quality stuff, I think I’ll really enjoy trying a bigger wheel now, and I just got extra birthday cash yesterday to supplement my slush fund, and it’s burning a hole in my pocket!

Thanks for the suggestions. I was looking at the Yuni 26-inch Black on unicycle.com. It already comes with the KH saddle, suzie hub and the euro cranks. If I upgrade to the hookworm tire and alex rim, anybody know how much extra that would be?

Thanks again.

I’m not sure if you need to spend the extra money for an alex rim. I was just reading the spec sheet on it and it appears to have a very good quality wheelset that comes with a tire that is over 2" wide. I would email uni.com and just get them to swap out the tire to a hookworm. The rim should be plenty wide to accept the Hookworm and stong enough to hold up well for the type of riding that you describe

That sounds like a pretty nice setup.

I have the hookworm on my 24" SemXL, and I like it a lot now, but I didn’t like it at first. It requires a relatively high PSI to be ridable, which doesn’t make it great for hops and drops. It’s also not going to be very grippy off of paved surfaces. On pavement however, it’s very precise and manuverable. You can turn on a dime with it. It also looks cool.

I don’t know that the rim upgrade will do much for you. It comes with a double-walled rim which should handle quite a bit. The frame also won’t hold a super-wide tire which would warrant a rim like the DX-32.

Overall, it looks like a pretty nice choice. Good enough to get you doing some light MUni too. (not with the hookworm) The 26" inch size is nice because you have all sorts of Mt. Bike tire choices available to you.