Would you call these crankflips??? (footage) -learning to crankflip

Well the title and description basically tells it all if you go to the youtube video. I basically landed some “crankflips” in a very short period of time. But there extremely sketchy and weird.

I’m SURE there’s plenty advice I can recieve on this trick so help appreciated. :wink:



Basically a one-foot rev, aka super sketch crankflip. Just work on pulling your foot off, I had this problem a few days before I landed a real crankflip.
Nice hat, except wrong season…I could use one of those here. :stuck_out_tongue:

It looked like you did a half rev to semiflip?

I think my foot tags along with the pedals in the flip. If you compare it to shaun johanneson’s crankflips, he does this kinda “flick” motion which performs alot better than mine.

I’d just say its a “mobbed” crankflip. In skateboarding, when you kick down instead of out on a kickflip, it’s called a mobbed kickflip. It looks bad, and it’s rather sketchy. I’d still consider it a crankflip though. Congratulations… If only I could learn them in two days.

P.S. What kind of weather calls for shorts, a tshirt, and a warm winter hat?

Are you putting the pedal near your toes on your kicking foot?

If not, this will help get a really nice flick.

Also, try and kick more outwards.

Disturbed owns

The awesome kind.

Nice crankflips :slight_smile:

Omg, did anyone besides me, cream their pants when they saw the video quality??? I want your camera!

Tie your shoe laces… they are way too long and could catch up in the cranks.
If they do, that’ll be a very nasty bail.

Nice hat! :smiley: They are getting quite popular haha

I was about to say the same. I have had those nasty bails, they’re
slightly worse than nasty.
Just imagine going fast, you feel your shoes tugging a bit, then a bit more, then they rip and you stop dead… but your tied to your unicycle via your feet. Then you fall off while tied to a wheel, all within 2 seconds onto a surface like sand paper. That is painful.
yes nice hat too lol.

EDIT: yeah I’d say thats a crankflip, just work on kicking your legs out a bit more.

where’d u get the k1 shirt?? did u order somthin from kevin?


They looked like crankflips to me. just work on kicking your legs out to the side more.

…untied shoelaces have given me worse bails than any other jump … no joke… pedalling full speed, shoelace wrapped around pedal axle, suddenly yanked tight, and i tried to jump off, which yanked me sideways and sent my face into the concrete, i’m surprised it didn’t break my nose, and wrists

Yes gernerally I put the balls of my feet (near the toes) on the centre of the pedal and kick.

I have LOADS of trouble kicking them outwards, I so much prefer tucking my legs up. In a uni mag issue Matty Porter has his legs tucked up heeps.

Anyway since yesterday and today I’ve landed about 6 flips off a curb.

my advice would be to take your legs out to the side and up, instead of only up. that’s how i do it.
maybe someone said this before, but i haven’t got time to read it all at the moment

right how it is just a baby crankflips clinging to the teet that is your pedals. but in time it will blossom into a full grown crankflip capable of attracting audiences and girls from all around

Yea that’s definitely a crankflip. I wouldn’t say that they were sketchy, just not clean, know what I’m saying? My first couple of flips were a million times worse than that, and then I lost the knack for it. After having already landed some flips though, I found that learning zero-plants properly actually really helped my with getting the kicking motion. Good luck.

Instant sticky pants?

Did you by any chance build a colossal north shore structure/ramp out of a massive tree? Damn weird dreams…

I recorded some last night and played back in slow motion. Pretty much the same. I’m pretty sure it’s the kick. My foot only comes of the pedal once the wheel has roatated 100 degrees. I can’t kick it rite!

I’ve also tried kicking my legs outwards…I find that more difficult but i may help me with my kicking, yet it may not…

yea my crankflips r almost the same, my kicking foot is always really close to the pedal. basically i just practice lifting my feet higher like matty p does, this way u will get better at crankflippin onto ledges and over stuff.

but yea that is definately a crankflip! CONGRATS DUDE!!!