Would you by this unicycle?


Would you by this 2nd hand unicycle?

The ad does not say much, so I asked some extra photos: see attach.
The owner says it’s a qu-ax muni 19". Don’t know how old though. Any ideas?

The price is 100€ (=135 US Dollar).

I own an old qu-ax cross 20" and do some easy street tricks. Nothing too fancy.
I want to replace the cross because one crank is coming loose: the hub is damaged.

Do you guys think this is a decent buy? How much does this cost if it were new? Cant find it back in the http://www.qu-ax.com/ catalog anymore :-S
I don’t know those cranks on the photos: is this a decent one?

tx a lot!

foto 1.JPG

foto 2.JPG

foto 3.JPG

foto 4.JPG

foto 5.JPG

Those look like these cranks, from the 2004 model year:

To me, it would be worth 100€ if it it was in good riding condition and it met a need that none of my unicycles did. It looks like it’s more capable than what you have, but it’s also (guessing that the rest of it is as old as the cranks) nine-year-old technology. You probably wouldn’t be getting a state of the art trials wheel but you wouldn’t be paying for one either.

It could be a reliable spare unicycle in that size even if you later bought a newer one, or one that you could lend to a friend who wanted to learn, or to offer in trade.


To me, it’s funny that they advertise it as a mountain uni. 20-inchers are usually not referred to that way, AFAIK, but maybe it’s a Flemish thing that I wouldn’t understand. If that uni is a 20-incher as pictured, though, with nothing broken, then it’s at least a fairly good deal.

A great many of the earliest MUni riders, in Europe, were on 20" wheels. I don’t know if that trend still continues, but it was more common over there than in the US, I think.

That uni looks to be in good shape, and though I’m not an expert on the specifics of that model, it looks like a good deal for the price.

This appears to be the current model of this:

It’s listed on the UDC site as a 20" trials unicycle but described as “Qu-Ax Muni 20” Trials - Black."

“19” Muni" (with the Maxxis Creepy Crawler, a trials tire, which is also what’s on the 100 Euro unicycle from the .be classified) seems to be what Qa-Ax chooses to calls it:

I don’t think they ever come and check to make sure you’re riding it a certain way. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reactions.

So it should be decent enough to do some hops and jumps from benches?
I guess a new one will cost 2 to 3 times more, right?

It’s a good price but… Pay attention to the frame, it made of steel and a bit weak for drops and hops.
The wheelset is bombproof, the saddle is basic, but again, I prefer the QX series (debut) Alu frame.

Have fun,

I’m rather new to unicycling myself, but yes, it seems likely that both of those are true. It seems to have been a top-of-the-line unicycle for serious riders who did all of those things, and Qu-Ax apparently sold a lot of them. If it isn’t bent or broken, it should still be as good now. Another way to look at it is that it’s the price of a new Torker LX but much more capable. I would be considering it if it was local to me.

One disadvantage is that you will only have that length of crank available, unlike square taper or the newer style ISIS splined hubs. And there were a few reports of legs hitting the sharp corners of that frame crown.

Personal recommendations like Yuval’s are the best, but this forum has been here since before these unicycles were sold and there are many discussions of them in older topics. For example:

And, if your French is good, you could try something like:

That uni is designed to take a major beating.

I’ve never heard any problems w/ that frame. Cranks on the other hand if you do frequent large drops eventually you’ll break those cranks (but should last for at LEAST a couple of years) and supply of replacements is dwindling since everything has gone to ISIS. If you can’t find new cranks you’ll have to get a new hub and cranks (which you could easily go forever w/o needing unless u ride really hard)

Some feel 145 mm is too long for cranks on a 19". More so for Muni, flat or street, less so for trials.