would you buy this shirt?

theres been a lot of talk over the years like people starting threads about shirt ideas they have. and the same thing always happens, someone has a good idea, and then it never leaves the ground cuz its someone who has no money or energy to actually go through with it. and i saw this shirt idea in one of the threads and i loved it. ive been seeing shirt ideas like this for probably about a year and half or so of stuff like ‘ibc’ or ‘imuni’…stuff like that. so when i saw this and saw that it was forrests original design, i asked him if i could use it. laso i asked the person who vectored it or whatever and got an ok from his as well. (ill see what i can do for you by the way onelesscar.) just letting you know i didnt just steal the design and take all the credit for it.

that said i need 20 committed orders basically because theres a certain number thats the lowest they can print. its gonna be on lime green shirts with probably nothing on the back. if i decide to put a link to my site, i may. if you are interested, pm me and tell me your shirt size…dont worry about like pre-paying or whatever…but if you pm me thats saying youre committed. the cost will be 18 bucks when i start selling.

It’s nice to see someone actually getting some cool uni shirts done! I like the design.

I’ve experimented with making tshirts for a while now and I can do a A4 colour design on a white tshirt for about £5 with transfer paper.

With an hour, a stanly knife, paper and fabric paint and a tshirt I could make myself that exact shirt for about the same price. $18 seems very costly!


no i would not buy that t-shirt

i would buy that shirt!:smiley:

I would not buy that t-shirt.

cafepress.com could do it a lot easier and of higher quality.


I duno…mayby. I would like a sticker or somthing like irvinegr’s avatar, did you make that yourself?

maybe if it didn’t say iUni on it.
I think the silhouette alone is enough to get the point across.

if that were the case, I might buy it.

If it wasn’t lime green I’d buy one…

^light blue might be pretty sweet

Exactly! Or red.

18 canadain or usd?it’s pretty sick i’d wear one

yes… i have a sicker one… i will find it … its basicly the same but its a better picture… in this one i am doing a 180 uni spin and in my other a 360… you cant really tell but if your smart you coould…

here it is…

um, what’s NUA?

Lets try not to jack this thread guys please, take it to PM’s or something.

And, people could be more helpfull. Try saying WHY you wouldnt want the shirt not just ‘no’.

Jonny, I think you would get some more requests iff you changed the coulour of the shirt. I’m not sure if the green is part of the idea though.

I’m sure you will sell them if people would be more usefull.


I would buy it if it had a better picture, the writing was smaller and it said iUnicycle.

my favorite of the iUnicycle shirts is the iUPD… but the one that is made has a sucky fall on it…

I agree with burjzyntski, get rid of the iUni. Also, some different colors would be nice instead of the lime green. Maybe white with a black silhouette and the outline of the uni. Then maybe…