Would you buy this dvd?


I’m fixing to start the beginning of ground work for a dvd with all tutorials and one highlight part. The highlight part would be all the footage with my new home in fargo until winter. Along with this I would make a detailed tutorial for 20-25 tricks. The dvd would not be professionally cover designed or anything. Just filmed with my camera in HD and burned to a dvd each time I have to sell one. Would be probably an hour of footage. Would this be bought for like 10-12 bucks? Of course i’m thinking more for the newer riders though. But it would have advanced tricks as well. I’m getting awfully close to being done putting myself through some of these clips without any money involved.


I would

I would buy it if I could get it in New Zealand or shipping from another country wasn’t too expensive. There’s so many tricks where a good tutorial would help so yes I think’d it’d be really good.

hmm… depends how good the riding is :wink:

I’d buy it just to watch it. + 10 bucks isn’t much of a cost to watch a movie that will probably be good.

You gonna take trick suggestions?


I’d probably get one.

I would love to buy one.

I also wont flake out when they are available. So right now you are 100% on one sale.

Do you mind money orders?

Yeah, I would probably buy one.

Sure. I need to learn some new tricks.

in all honisty, no

I would buy it for $15 if it was made well, and everything. So yeah I would definatly buy it :slight_smile:


I could cook up a cover for you man lol
Im a Graphic Artist

If I had $10

sure i need to learn some tricks

i’m not talking about great vids and other riders amanda. More talking about tutorials. I add on a highlight part for good measure. All these vids online are actually hurting the sport. If people would divide into teams and put out dvds it would give a better chance of companies picking up these DVDs to sell. Now, there would be X amount of teams around the world that don’t release anything online. These teams would watch other vids some riders are putting online to see if there were riders good enough to be picked up for a team. Now there is alot more motive, to be on a filming team, which wouldn’t be nearly as hard as getting on a sponsor team, AND a filming team would have no max number of riders. More motive, more progression. Besides all the big companies don’t look at youtube for new people. Kind of a joke with all the BS online. Another reason why it’s hurting the sport.

I have to buy one shaun. If i am going to be a key member of team spencer, i need to be better at street. i believe that you can be my street trick master via dvd shaun… please… teach me the ways

probably not

I would be interested especially if it targeted the “new to tricks guy” ie… me! All I can do is hop off one palette and over small objects.

in sorta relation to the post about the grapic artist thing - if you would want me to, i could draw up some really cool cover, or back, or just a background for the dvd.