Would you buy "John Childs Hot Sauce"?

During a discussion in Mo[post=882636]st Repli[/post]es today, talk turned to Hot Sauce and I realised that there is definately a gap in the Unicycling Market for a celebrity Hot Sauce.
You may argue that Harper Hottie Sauce should be the way to go but I beg to differ and would like to suggest a John Childs Hot Sauce - No Nonsense, Just Gets The Job Done.

I’d obviously like for the sauce to rate 768 on the Scoville Scale, or at least a sensible derivation of that number.

Consider this market research.

Would you buy a Unicycling Celebrity Hot Sauce?

Sounds good

i wnat john childs hot sauce

I’m in Texas. We consider anything with a Scoville rating of less than 2,500 just plain baby formula.

In fact, a rating of 768 would be similar to what a nursing Texas infant obtains during his first 4 weeks. At 8 weeks we just slip a nipple on a tabasco bottle for the night feedings.


Point taken.
I wanted to say 768 000 but didn’t want to scare the representative from Vermont.

Maybe 589824?

EDIT: No, sod it, 768 will do fine, they’ll just have to recalibrate Scoville.



Love your work.

J.C. Hot Sauce on Buffalo Wings? Couldn’t get any better than that! Probably would sell better than mine, too; Yoopers Meek and Mild-Mannered Hot Sauce.

I’ve eaten a variety of hot foods with JC. He’s a sissy. Pepsi is hot sauce to him.

i also want yoopers four stroke engine oil

New avatar for John Childs! Yeah!I doubt he will though, what a shame.

Habanero hot sauce with a hint of Guinness. The perfect flavor combo for buffalo wings, mission style burritos, BBQ, and chili. I like it.

Start with the mild version at 7680 scoville units. That would be good for my favorite Taco Del Mar burritos.

Then a hot version at 7680*X depending on what works out to the best balance of flavor and heat for a Habanero hot sauce with a hint of Guinness.

The secret lab is working on it as we speak. This will take some research and testing. Harper will be the guinea pig.

I want some Ryan Atkins Hot Sauce, as that boy must have fire under his ass to be able to static hop so well! haha, whats next? Unicyclist Brand Balance Powder?

I ain’t puttin no sauce that come out of Johnny C. in my mouf. Don’t want the Hiv.

Catboy, shut yo mouf foo.

Incorrect. After the Portland Bridge Pedal, I witnessed a McMinnemen’s waitress attempt to poison JC with hot sauce and jalepeno-ladened dishes. It was a valid attempt, and he took it all without a blink.

But, like JC’s other valuable services like coker tire changing and Magura bleeding, I won’t buy his hot sauce. I’ll expect him to deliver it to my house, at the Ride 'N Feed, in exchange for food and beer. He will comply, because he knows that the food and beer will be Good.