Would you believe....?

I don’t know if this has already been posted, but now I’ve seen everthing! :astonished:


how fast do those things go? 100 feet isn’t that long of a course, or maybe they have incredible acceleration.

Interesting…I’m not quite sure I get it though…is it just anything that has one “wheel” (as in, a big motorized roller would work?)

I’ve seen this sport on TV before. It’s INSANE!

There is no balance involved, the machines consist of an engine and a wheel and a throttle (with a dead man’s handle). That’s it. No more.

The “rider” just hangs on behind it, being dragged along the ground, for dear life as the machine hurtles across a field towards the spectators at the other end. Some (the minority from what I saw) have some kind of control over the direction that they’re travelling, but it’s not an awful lot!

I think the consumption of a clear brown liquid (not tea) before driving one of these monsters is almost mandatory. I know I’d need some :astonished:


sounds like fun, in a kinda painful way.


I would believe in a subject line.

Yes, it’s the subject-line police again. Some of us should know better!

I’ve seen this stuff before, but will not suggest using the search to find it as it’s probably one of those hard-to-find ones. But the site(s) that were linked before were longer and had more pictures.

Problem with those guys is they don’t take seriously the idea of riding something with one wheel. They assume you have to drag the ground for it to work at all.