would this work

im thinking of aking a sand dune uni casue i like to go on beaches but theres no roads in maine any idea im think of makin 16x4.5

WHO ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?! You are one outragous hoolagin.

Go for the Surly Conundrum, that should do the trick although it may cost a little more than you would like. I dont think going for a smaller diameter wheel would be in your best interest, if you sink at all your pedals will be down in the dirt.

If you want to get the Surly Conundrum locally, Bath Cycle and Ski in Woolwich can get them. http://www.bikemannetwork.com/biking/p/CELLFRMUNI/FM1701

I’m not sure how that price stacks up.

Ya, I wish Maine had some road’s. We should uni at Bradburry some time. And it would be an honor to ski with the best 12 year old skier in the US next winter. AIM me: KacTheAce