would this work

would a alex dx32 trails or downhill rim and a quax hub work on a nimbus x long neck frame. if not i will just get a nimbus ll

also how many spokes can a alex dx32 rim hold

Let’s do some RESEARCH, shall we?

Unicycle.com tells us that the Qu-Ax splined hub is 48 hole. http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=798

The Alex Rims website lists the specs for their DX32 trials rim as the following: “19” x 2.125" 381x32 36 510G"
that little 36 dangling in the middle leads me to believe that the DX32 rim is, indeed, 36 hole, which agrees with the personal observation I made about my own such rim.

In conclusion, you might be able to use them both together, but it will require some clever spoke weaving to get proper placement (because the hub is 48 hole and the rim is 36).


acctaullly alex make s a 20" rim that the luna tire will go on and it has 48 hole…so if you get that one then yes it will work.

well the Torker Dx 24" has the Alex DX rim and it has 48 spokes.

As does the 20" DX with the Alex trials rim. http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=764

“Rim: Alex DX32 19” alloy double walled 48 spoke trials rim with black spokes"

One thing to keep in mind though is that there may not be enough clearance for a trials tire on the long neck freestyle frame.

i went to the alexrims website and found what i was looking for so im good

yeah from what i kno alex makes 2 rims for each size…one that is 36 hole and one that is 48.

is this going to be a trials a muni or a freestyle uni?
I dont think a trials tire would fit in a nimbus x frame unless i was a 24" nimbus x frame. if its a freestyle uni i think a qu-ax hub and a dx32 rim is piont less and heavy. If its a 24" muni then a nimbus 2 frame would be better