would this be any good for trials?

would this unicycle be any good for trials?


not at all!!!

lol why not

yer tyre is fat, but not the type that is any good for bounce
tyre is heavy
square taper hub = weak
uni will be heavy and weak, will not be strong enough for trials and did i mention that tyre?]

frame, seat, seatpost, and clamp are probably the only half decent things as far as trials goes

I rode a Sun like this. It was amazing, but heavy.

The ride was very smooth, but felt weird until I got used to it. Once I did get used to it, I tried some hopping, and those tire have amazing bounce, but its very sluggish to control while hopping.

Id rather stick to a trials uni, but these are fun to ride on. Specially to wheelwalk.

Also, the cranks on here are cotterless, so dont expect any large drops or compatibility with any other uni parts.

I agree with the other two, the tyre and rim on that uni are designed to look cool on the back of a chopper bike, not be light and strong whihc is what you need for trials. Also those wide tyres are an absalout bitch to turn on hard surfaces unless you pump them right up, really hard work just to ride around on.

I found it to be very easy and smooth when I was riding the one I rode. Must of been pumped up correctly. =p

Anyways, if people find it hard to ride 3" tires on pavement with low pressure, then thing will be ten times harder then those muni tires.

The reason it will be bad for Trials is the wheel was designed for looks, not strength. It might be a ton of fun to bounce around on, until the wheel folds or the axle breaks. But it’s not built for that type of riding.

lol ok, i was just considering it as anoption but now its off my list

Its not heavy just sluggish :wink:

look down the bottom of the specs in this link

lol i didnt see that

thats cos its on the australian unicycle.com


Buy the rim, frame and tyre and put it on a trials uni! :smiley:

It’s probably a single wall rim… no good for trials.