Would the KH cranks make my uni stronger?

I have the 2006 Quax Cross with the ISIS splined hub. Would they fit my hub? Would these cranks make my uni stronger?


They would fit, but I have the cross cranks on my 29" and I find the mprety strong.
No need to change untill you break them, UNLESS you want to do a litle flat with them.

Peter M

no idea. my speakers are picking up radio. weird

Now that’s a great help to this guy :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Peter M

I am getting into flatland kind of. I really like those cranks but Would they make a difference in strength?

Mine used to do that. So I moved them away from the window and it stopped…

My qu-ax isis hub is bent, whilst my cranks are undamaged. They DO fit the qu-ax isis hub, and I suppose KH moments would be stronger, but do you need the extra strength for flatlanding?

if your cranks break - get moments (there nice) but until then I would worrie more about the hub bending (it shouldn’t)

They are stronger, but the cross seem strong enough to.
But you want to do a litle flat, then the moments are your pick.

Peter M

Hey Isaac, you have a pretty good uni already. I don’t think you really need them. Plus have you broken those cranks at all? I don’t think you have anything to worry about there. They are pretty beefy and the KH ones are almost too strong.

Contact your dealer, the product probably had a flaw. Because the inside of the Qu-ax hubs is solid (not drilled) they are stronger than the KH hubs, and as strong as the Koxx ones, they should not bend, or break! The alu cranks however are not meant for extreme abuse, so they should break! What a weird story haha, e-mail your dealer and try to get a new hub… The Qu-ax ISIS cranks are nice, but I also like the KH design, also there is a Qu-ax CrMo ISIS crank as well if you want to stick with Qu-ax, they’re a little lighter than the KH but have a nub, you can remove it, but they’re also a bit more expensive that the KHs.

Stronger than the KH? I don’t think so. I’m talking about the red isis hub on the cross/fire, not the yellow one.

THats the one I’ve got and bent. When I bought it, the website said not to do any drops above 2ft. I did 4ft drops:o I don’t want to claim warrenty when I took it past its advertised limits.

Yes. These cranks put an invisible and impenetrable force field around the entire unicycle and they impregnate the components with a super hardening element making it much stronger. The red ones do, anyway.

I still want to do trials so I want a strong uni…but i also want to do flatland, and these cranks are big and i find them nice for flatland. So would these cranks be good for me?


kill the old, get the new. thats what I’ve done

WOFT Quote:
Stronger than the KH? I don’t think so. I’m talking about the red isis hub on the cross/fire, not the yellow one.

Those cranks are less than a third the price of moments

The red Qu-Ax hub (what he has) is similar in strength to the UDC cro-moly cotterless hub. Roger from UDC UK has done 4 ft. drops on that hub. Stronger than most cotterless hubs, like the Torker LX, but not anywhere near as strong as the yellow hub (similar to and some say stronger than the Moment hub).

You will probably break the cranks a bit before the hub and if you do, I’d replace the cranks and hub. Since your rim is 48 hole you’ll have to get the yellow hub (and I think diff spokes). If you don’t mind riplacing the rim as well, then you can get a different crankset.

If I were you I’d wait untill you break the cranks. Then get a KH and use your Cross, w/ replaced cranks, for flatland or as a learner. Until you’ve got the cash do technical trials and no drops.