Would like suggestions

Alright, basically my story is like this. I bought a cheap 20" uni from my local bike shop. I progressed awesome and was stupid enough to decide to try 180’s off benches. I tacoed the rim. Havn’t had the money for a new one until now(8 months later :frowning: ). Now I am in a debate with myself. I am not sure what new unicycle I really want to get. I want one that is preferabley under 500$(Canadian), relatively lightweight and can handle a half decent beating(ie strong components). I also live in a very non urbanized area. Low population, not much goes on and I am the only unicyclist I know of. Therefor, it’s difficult for me to buy, thus buying online is most likly what I will be doing. If anyone could help give suggestions. I would greatly appreciate it.

PS: I am really digging the KH20 but the Nimbus 20" trials looks nice and more affordable. I really don’t know what I should get. Also, I am interested in trials/freestyle funness.


i havent ridden any of thes unis im bout to tell you about, but alot of people are going to tell you Torker Dx or a Qu-ax trials uni.

here they are; QU-AX
Torker DX
BTW welcome to the forum!!!

Wow! Thanks for the quick reply, and thanks for the welcome :D. I’ll look into these, I really like the look of the Qu-Ax.

No problem, its what we’re here for :stuck_out_tongue: . Also this thread would get alot more resopnses’ if it were in the RSU (rec.Sport.Unicycling) part of the fourm. also i recomend searching before you post, because some users dislike it when people dont search before hand. (this doesnt apply to this thread incase you were wondering, im just making a statement for future refrence)

You should Darren Bedford from Bedford Unicycles. The web-page sucks and the price list is outdated but i have heard good things about his products and service.

You can find his contact information at http://www.bedfordunicycles.ca/

He is in Canada so his prices are Canadian, you will save money on duties and shipping should be quite cheep comparatively.

Hope you find a good uni!


P.S. don’t get the Nimbus with the square taper hub, it is an excellent learner but if you are dropping off picnic tables you can end up wrecking the cranks relatively quickly.

this just in…

edit: looks like last years models but still a steal of a deal

Id go for the DX.
But that’s me because i own a DX.
I ruined my first unicycle jumping off a 10 foot retaining wall, i soo wish i had that on camera.
I landed it too! It just broke underneath me.
Check out my vid! It is what i have done so far on a cheap uni and my DX.


I doubt they’re last year’s models–they just came back in stock today, a week or so after UDC got the shipment from KH. UDC didn’t have any KH20s so wouldn’t have any old ones to pass off to resellers like aebike. But you can call aebike and find out. It’s a flippin’ amazing deal. Plus, they charge something like just US$7 to ship.

Maybe not from last year but not from the latest batch

from Updates to Spring’07 KH unis thread

and from aebike

Maybe they just haven’t updated the descriptions from the last time they had stock.

KH - it is worth the money!

Definetly the KH! Nothing else that I have ridden can compare.
Save the extra money and be happy with your purchase for years to come!
Even if th KH is $300 more it still comes out to less than a dollar a day for pure riding enjoyment if you have the uni for at least a year!


UDC hasn’t updated their stats for the KH20 either…

welcome and goodluck doing funness :slight_smile:

I bought the nimbus and the cranks bent.

get the nimbus II freestyle it is soooooooooo awesome.

I just emailed AE bikes and they said that it’s the new model.



KH … i think its under $500 canadian
$375 USD!

haha thanks for being proactive!

I hear-by take back everything I have said about it being the older model.

Even though you are banned, you might be reading this anyway. I actually do bike matter of fact. It’s biking that got me into unicycling. I do both at the same time actually. I’ll take the seatpost off and strap it to a pack and put it together at sessioning spot.

ANYWAYS! Thanks for the input for those of you who did(kinda got a bit off topic but that’s ok). I’ll still gladly expect any more input. I still have awhile until I get money for a new one. :smiley:

Sorry for getting off topic but I think that most people here would agree that that KH from AEbike is an amazing deal and you should get that. (They are usualy $500)


I think im gona buy the KH20 from aebikes

is it definitely the newest model?