Would jumping from wood make your jump easier?

If you guys notice, I jump from a pallet when I attempt records. Well, today I moved my pallets to my driveway to practice rolling hops (beat my record:))
but when I tried to static SIF hop, I couldn’t even get 61 cm.

Do think that it’s easier to jump from wood.

Also, since I got 66cm. jumping from wood, does my record still count?

I have some how set my brain that I can only get more than three palets from wood. Some one please help me.



Stop being a wuss and go for it. You can do it.

Agreed. I’m sure it doesn’t make a difference. There’s more to trials than just high jump. Go practise something else for a while.

What you jump off of will make a little difference.

When you go for a jump, you store some energy in the tire as if it’s a spring, which helps you as you push off to gain a bit of extra speed.

Imagine jumping on your unicycle while on a trampoline. The springiness will allow you to store some extra energy which will in turn let you jump higher.

Now, replace that trampoline with a piece of wood suspended between two points*. As you push down in preparation for pushing off, that wood will bend slightly and store some energy which will in turn help you jump slightly higher.

*note - if you are jumping off a part which has wood all the way from your tire to the ground, the difference will be negligible because the wood will not really compress and store any energy. Wood can bend though, so if a piece of wood is suspended from one end (held tightly) or two ends (on pivots), it will bend and act like a spring.

What I like to do, for any trick or hop, is I hop on grass for a while, then I go lift something heavier than my unicycle for about 10 reps or so. Afterwards it feels incredibly easy to maneuver around on the pavement, hopping and such, You should give it a shot, but don’t strain yourself when you lift.

I wasn’t trying to sound like a wuss, I was just surprised it made such a difference.

Beeper, I followed your advice, and it helped. Thanks.

Any more suggestions?

I went out again and the cement made my psi feel rock hard, and the wood made it feel super soft. I know it wasn’t the bending of the wood that was the problem because I jumped off of the T on the pallet. where there was a lot of support. Do you guys have any suggestions?

I think the main reason you hopped higher on the wood is because its all in your head.You thought it felt softer and easier so you hopped easier.Just my opinion.concrete will always feel harder because its harder lol