Would I find it easier .....

… as a relative novice to learn some of the basic skills like bunny hoppig up and down curbs, riding along walls etc that I aspire to using a 19" trials uni than a 24" Nimbus? I am finding it difficult to hop and notice that most of the more impressive stunts I see on film are done by people riding a uni with what looks like smaller wheel than mine. I assume trials unis are also lighter and stronger?

Can anyone advise a relative beginner?

Thank you


Most people prefer 19" trials for street, it’s supposed to be easier and lighter. However, some certain nuts like Justin Kohse and yours truly ride 24" for street. It’s up to you, really.

yes a 19" wheel is far preferable for trials, but alot of what makes a trials uni is the tyre. I assume you 24" is a freestyle type with a narrow smoothe tyre? I used to do trials on a nimbus 24" muni, the 3 inch tyre it has makes a huge amout of difference to the bounce you get, for getting higher hops and absorbing bigger drops. In short, try sticking the biggest tyre you can get on your rim on, and it will make learning basic trials much easier and not cost you a fortune. If you say exactly which rim/ frame you have I may be able to advise you on a suitable tyre.

I have a hookworm tyre at the moment which is fairly chunky.


Yes but hard as rocks.

my mate had a 24 with a hookworm which had MUCH MORE bounce than my 2.7 high roller maxxis tyre.

i get on my 24 nimbus now and it feels like im trying to hop with a truck on my back, the 19 really has made a lot of difference.

Okay, so if I understand you both correctly you are saying a 19" trails uni would be better in as much as it is lighter and is likely to have a tyre with more bounce for hopping than say a hookworm tyre?


Yep, and a smaller wheel is more controllable in the air, and smaller wheels are inherently stronger.

Thanks guys, I now have the required excuse to go treat myself to a trials uni. Any recommendations? I only retailer I have access to is unicycle.com so I was wondering about the Koxx Devil?


get the KH 20 from aebike.com


I am based in the UK so import duty and postage might be ratehr expensive.


Go for qu-ax or KH if you’ve got the money.

They’re both great. Qu-ax maybe a bit heavier, but it’s cheaper and looks cooler.

have you tried using a lower tire pressure? It made a huge difference for me

Take care not to get yourself into the mindset that a 19" will make you ride better, then you will get no where. i believe it was skrobo that said something along the lines of “i dont let my equiptment control what i can do” even though a 19" will be easier and more convenient to use for trials dont expect to much from changing unicycles, i did that with the KH trials. took me ages to get through the fact that this uni would make no better a rider, that part was still up to me :slight_smile:

Goodluck though. Quite a few people ride Koxx on and there is not many complains, apart from some little ISIS problem :slight_smile: search for that, you will find enough threads on it.


As far as I know the Nimbus Muni does not have a splined hub.
How well does it stand up to trials?

although i did start off with a 24" dodger, i feel much happier doing the riding i like to do- light trials (i hope to go heavy) and a bit of flatland (i hope to do loads) with my ONZA trials. however for my next purchase, i hope to get a 29" Muni. having said that, the purpose will be altogether different ie: distance and Muni. if you go to a convention or meet other cyclists, ask (or beg them to let you try out their unis and see how they handle; you’ll get a better mental image of you succeding in whatever disciplines you choose.

then hopefully when you get funding sorted out the image will become realised. i know i’m on the way to realising mine:p.

I expect this answers your question. Incidentally this was some time ago, before the invention of the UDC wide CrMo hub, which is significantly stronger. I put the 03 KH hub in there and it was great, lasted me fine until I sold it for a KH 05.

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