Would anyone be interested in a unicycle game?

Hey everyone,
I was just wondering if anyone would like to see an online unicycle game?
I work for a computer games company as a programmer and have done for about 5 years. In that time I’ve never seen a good unicycle game! I remember a few years ago there was someone that was working on a 3d game, but I haven’t seen anything since…
If that game did get made and someone knows where I can find it please let me know.

Anyway if there isn’t a good unicycle game and there are people that would like to see one and/or help in the making and concept I’m up for doing the game physics and programming and a lot more.

If you want to see some of the games I’ve worked on over the last few years please visit our site :wink:


I am obliged to point out this unicycle snes game is/was awesome

I think I’d just rather ride a real unicycle to be honest. For a few reasons.

  1. I’ve played a lot of games, and they are actually bad for my mental well being (I stay inside and avoid being active)
  2. I wouldn’t expect it to be *work and feel like unicycling, I just don’t think it would happen. I don’t think it would be an accurate representation no matter who made it, even with a team of unicyclists working with the people.
  3. Would you be in control of the balance? Would it be from 3rd person? Just seems like it would be really weird to me.
  4. I find unicycling more fun than video games now, and hardly even play anymore. And if I do pay, I play with friends I have made. I don’t see my friends willing to play a game about something they know little about, and also there’s no local riders to play it with.

I’d be curious to see the results, but even then and even if I liked it, I probably wouldn’t buy it unless it was for a good cause (like funds going to a uni club or something)

But it is definitely interesting.

I played the unicycle game a few times. It was pretty sweet. I’m on a mac and my parellels is screwed up so I don’t dare try to get back on windows. But if I ever got on windows again I’d play it some more.
Maybe I’ll try to install it on one of the school computers sometime.

I wasn’t planning on making people pay for it… it would be free.
With a little bit more work we could make a fully 3d multi player game…
But as there’s probably not that many 3d artist that are willing to help then it would probably have to be 2d flash, there for online and free to play.

If there are people that would like to do that then I’m sure we could make some money, without having to charge the end user… i.e. advertising in the game.

But if people don’t mind doing it all for free then we can just make it and i’ll set it up on a server. I can also turn it in to an app for facebook myspace and (iPhone depending on how we make it)

If there are no graphic designers that are interested then I can’t really do it as I’m not that good at graphics anymore.


I’ve been wondering, wouldn’t the Commander Keen series have been even cooler if Keen had had a unicycle instead of a pogo stick?

Imagine a jump ‘n’ run game with a unicycling character…
You grind down a descendent rail (maintaining balance as in skating games) over a spike pit to obtain the next key card - and a power-up that gives you a wheel with suction pads so you can “plop-plop-plop” back via the ceiling (for it is a smooth ceiling, others may be too rough for this to work). Back on the other side, you drop down onto a foe to take him out, switching for the studded tyre in mid-air (does more damage).

I’ve been having this mental image for a while. :wink:

Oh gee I wasn’t even thinking of flash games, DOH!

Yeah, I could see some possibilities. Maybe a stage challenge game, where there’s say… 20 stages, each one has a different type of challenge.

First Release:

Update Release:

If you search ProjectUNI there’s tons of talk about it as well. That was 3 years ago and wheir website is long gone. But I’d imagine if you PM’d Brian he might give you some advice?

+1. I tried it and it wasn’t very good.

I’d rather just ride!:smiley:

i like the idea so i got something to do during school!

Yep I could make it in flash or there are also a good few browser based 3d engines i.e. Unity 3d and the unreal engine. Plus flash have just released there ‘mole hill’ 3d engine, so there’s lots of option :wink:

I like the idea of stages, I was also thinking a street stage maybe similar to tony horks where you can gust ride around and grind and pull off cool tricks like uni-spins and so on.

Maybe a freestyle section, a Muni downhill and of course a trials section! :slight_smile:

The issue with using flash is that if we wanted it to be multi player I would have to use something like smartfox for the multiplayer server… that could be pricey.

but the issue with all the other 3d engines is that they are not installed on all browsers as default, so each user would have to download the plugin if the browser doesn’t already have it…


It’s a shame that the ProjectUNI game didn’t seem to go anywhere, it was looking good! But it look like they had a bit to go…

I think a 3d multiplayer uni game would be good.

anyone else have any views on this?


you should make it into a ipod-iphone-ipad app

Yep I probably will do, unity exports to ipod-iphone-ipad and web all in one go :wink:

Android game?

Yep android too :wink:

Hey everyone, I made a start on the game last night, and it’s coming on nicely.
I managed to get a basic unicycle that I could ride around the terrain. :wink:

A long way to go, but a good start.

I could still do with a 3d artist ideally as It’s going to take quite a while if i’m doing all the physics and the 3d design/animation!

Anyway I’m going to keep working on it and I’ll keep you updated.



I guess there’s no-one that want to work on the graphics for this…?

But does any-one have some sort of concept of how the game should work?
Or just something they would like to see?

any input would be appreciated! :wink:

Well, you’ve heard my plea for a “get-through-the-level-and-avoid-enemies-and-obstacles”-game rather than a “do tricks”-game.
This would mean that you only do tricks for purposes, such as getting up a high cliff per crankhang.
And a 2D environment would be a treat too :slight_smile:

Definitely a warband of uni-vikings.

This is what I was trying to say. I don’t like the idea of a 3d uni game, I think it would come off as trying to simulate unicycling, which let’s be honest, you can’t really do. The side-scrolling 2d stage-oriented challenge type game is I think where your time will be better spent.

A 3D 3rd person just makes me think of another “Pro _____” game, and we know how badly all the other ones did that weren’t skating. And I didn’t even care for the skating ones after a while.

I would be fine with anything!