Would a UDC trials unicycle work for Muni for an 8 year old?

Hi all,

I’ve got someone who is looking for a good off road unicycle for their 8 year old daughter. Their daughter just fits on a 20" unicycle, so we thought a basic trials unicycle might work well.

Has anyone got any experience with 8 year olds and trials unis as a Muni? I have seen a few 7 year olds riding KH20s but my main concern is that a UDC trials unicycle is a bit heavier and may be too heavy for an 8 year girl.

Looking forward to your comments.


I don’t know about the specific equipment vs. the specific little girl, but otherwise I’ve got two words for you: Beau. Hoover.

He started riding MUni at age 8 or 9, and for years he kept up, then led the way, on his little 20" Trials.

When he graduated to a 24" wheel he really started kicking our butts. :slight_smile:

Actually a basic UDC trials like this :


is 5.3kg. A KH 20 is 5.55kg. If you want ISIS cranks on the UDC trials i think it’s 200g more than a KH20, but I hardly think this will be noticeable or neccessary for an 8yr old.

In other thoughts, are you sure a 19" trials wheel is the best option? The tyre is much heavier so turning the wheel is alot harder. Maybe it would be better to get a 20" with a knobbly tyre… I’ve seen a few kids on those that did muni on them quite well. It’s not like she’s going to be doing 1m drops and 50cm hops, so I doubt the trials tyre will be much use.

Good luck!

BTW, small kids don’t need splined hubs. At least not until they’re going big and putting big shocks on. Beau’s old 20" (maybe it was a 19") was square taper. Of course splined was pretty cutting-edge at the time, and expensive, but he never needed it until he, and his uni, got bigger.

UDC trials are pretty light… I think it’ll work. I have 8 year olds riding on UDC trials uni’s, not extreme bunny hopping and drops etc haha buuut I think it should work?

I’m thinking, once she gets tall enough, about buying UDC’s 20" Freestyle Club for my 8 year old daughter to learn on. It has a fairly thin 1.95" Kenda Kikzumbut tire to reduce rolling resistance. When she starts tearing up the trails in our yard, I will get her something a little more knobby. For now, I am trying to give her the best chance to succeed by providing her with the right equipment. It’s not easy raising your own riding partners. I try to make learning fun. Patience is a virtue!