Would a Street Unicycle be Overkill?

Hi everyone!

I’m still relatively new to all of this, but recently I’ve gotten pretty comfortable on my learner unicycle (24").

The thing is though that it’s a cheap no-name chinese unicycle I found on Craigslist and after trying a friend’s Torker I really want to upgrade (it just felt so much more enjoyable to ride).

I’m a student and my current goal in terms of unicycling is to be able to ride around campus. This would entail hopping up stairs, riding down stairs, riding over cobblestone (and poorly laid brick), as well as going up and down steep hills.

My friend told me that my learner unicycle’s hub probably wouldn’t be able to handle multiple hops, so I began looking into things and it seems that Street/Trials unicycles are better suited for this task?

While I may end up learning tricks, would my current goal of traversing campus warrant upgrading to a street unicycle or would that be overkill? Are there other unicycles better suited to my use case? Any recommendations?

In case it helps:
I’m 6’1" and 150lbs

Not overkill if you plan on performing the techniques you described. If you’re mostly interested in riding forward and getting there faster, a larger wheel might suit you. As a beginner, I think you will be less of a on-campus nuisance on the 20" (19"). Street/trials unicycles are the best for a variety of riding styles. You can ride them off road, jump things, practice freestyle, idle, ride backwards, one footed, etc. Remind yourself that it’s going to take practice, then go for it.

Street/Trial have small wheels though - as EPUnido said, they’re 19 or 20. Which is fine for doing tricks in one area. If you’re goal is a means of transportation around the campus, which can jump, then you should look at munis. Especially as you’re already confortable with a 24" wheel.

I was just thinking exactly that, except putting a street tire (or something more suitable) on it. Knobbies wear down fast on concrete.