would a kris holm frame fit?

I wanted to know if a kris holm 20" frame would fit onto my onza hub. The bearings arent 100mm apart would this matter?

I think so, not sure though

well thanks anyway. i think that it might be possible to move the bearings if i make the bearing spacers smaller so ill probably do that.

You could make up some spacers up so that the bearings are the right distance apart. It depends how much wider or narrower the frame is than the hub. Sorry, I have no experience with KH stuff!

Can you get a picture up?

Rock on!

all i know is that the bearings are 107-108mm apart i got the feeling that was to wide. i dont really know anything about kris holm stuff. I just thought i would ask you guys before i went out and bought the frame.


Just re-read your original question. Yeah im pretty sure you can easily get an onza hub to fit. I have an Onza hub too and there is quite a bit of room for adjustment. Just get the frame and when it arrives make up some spacers to suit.

Hope that helps!

Where abouts in the Uk are you, btw?

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thanks alot:) oh and im near manchester


if it dossen’t fit I’m sure you’ll easly be able to resell a brand new kh frame if you nock £10 off

yeh should be able to :slight_smile: id better start saving
Thanks for everyones help


report back if it works :slight_smile:

try email roger from udc about it. Or roland from mdc

KH and Onza

I think that they will fit each other. Dont forget that KH and ONZA did a lot of developement together and that the KH 2005 and ONZAs used the same hubs and cranks. the only difference was the frames.


i am pretty sure that it will fit, what year onza hub have you got?

kh bearing spaces are 100mm so if you look on say udc they will tell you the bearing centres and the overall diameter if the od of the bearings you have is 42mm and uds says that the spaceing is 100mm then it will definateley fit