Would a *Animal ASM Street Slick 20-inch Tire* Fit On An *Alex DX32*


i was wondering if This: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1150

Would fit on a DX32 Rim…

Is this possible in any sorda way( the 20 x 2.10) ?

no, a alex 32 is a 19’’ rim. it needs a 19’’ tire . like a maxiss CC or a try-all

Thank you Very much…

an an other random question, When you By Tires, Tha have a Rim on the picture, Does it really come with it ?:stuck_out_tongue:

no, they just use that to show the dimesions of the tire.

Should be would an animal blah blah blah


im not Extremely good at reading/riting/speaking in english



That’s OK I’m just trying to help. You should get Mozilla Firefox. It has something like Microsoft Word that underlines words when you misspell them.

Give the kid a break, I had much less trouble understanding his post than half those by anglophones on this site.

The DX32 does come in a 20" version but you usually don’t see them on unicycles. If you have a trials rim it would say 381X32mm on the label and you can’t use the tire you linked to. If you have the 20" version the label would say 406X32mm and you can use that tire.

Thanks Alot :smiley:

If you want a slick, just shave 2.50 tire now?

im sorda Lazy even tho’ i have all the time in the world Becuse its winter…:stuck_out_tongue:

Still is a lots work…

ill think about that :roll_eyes:

MOUHAHAHA…ok i think i`m a bit retard:D

Ya, they deff DONT fit…

I have one…just sitting…tried to sell it, but no one wants it…

I posted that last year, i think i understood UnidudeDx…

just for a random thought
if you were gonna buy it, buy it from here

same for most other bmx parts

Good To Know :smiley:

Downloading it!

Thanks for this helpful Info! :wink:

Thanks R-Cormier.