Would a 20x 2.1 tire be able to replace a 20x2.5?

Would it? Sorry that I didn’t use the search function but I am on my iPod and it. Would take a while.

if it’s for a 19" rim no, why would you get a smaller tire than 2.5?

There was this awesome animal asm tire that was really smooth and I wanted it for street but it was a 20x2.1. I didn’t think it would fit but I wanted to see if anyone has tried it.

What size rim do you have?

if you have a trials/street…
NO it won’t work

unless you have a freestyle uni or 2005 torker dx it will not work.

in other words, it’s not going to work, trials tires fit 15" diameter rims, that one is made to fit a 16" diameter rim.

I’m guessing the Animal tire your looking at is smooth? Why not just shave your existing trials tire?



I was hoping to save some work and I want two tires, a smooth one and a grippy one. I guess I’ll buy a try-all and shave it when I get some more time and money.

Luna would be cheaper.

this tire looks cool.http://www.k-124house.com/Unicycles//Try-All/HDDB4718b6ab70f62

Its just a shaved try-all…