Would a 2.1 tyre fit on a rim that had a 2.5 tyre before?

So im trying to transform my 20" muni into a unicycle for hockey. It has a 2.5 tyre on it right now and im wondering what kind of tyre i should buy for it. It seems the non-black tyres dont get as wide as 2.5, the widest oone ive seen are 2.1, so i was wondering if those would fit. Would the more common 1.95 maybe even fit?


It depends on your rim inner width. If you can find your rim inner width, you then can have a look at some charts. E.g.:

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If it is a 20" “muni”, make sure it’s actually a 20" and not a 19". Check on the tire, if it’s 19" it will say something like 67-387.
Trials tires use a smaller diameter rim (387mm), while “normal” 20" uses 406mm rims. Sometimes trials tires are called 19", but sometimes also 20" so it is a bit confusing…
If it is a 406mm rim, you could probably find something like 2.4" wide bmx tire (for example: Wethepeople 100 PSI Activate Tyre), that would work well with your rim.

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