Would 24" Offer More Pedal Resistance?

I am learning to ride on a 20" Torker, but it’s too easy to pedal when going faster. I feel that my feet are spinning too fast, and was wondering if I could get more pedal resistance from a 24" at the same speed. I want to cover more ground too, as well as go over cracks in the pavement better.

A larger wheel will have a slower rpm at a given speed. If going up or down hill, there will be more pressure on the pedals.

Going to a larger wheel or shorter cranks is like going to a taller gear on a bike.

Yes to all of those - hence why I’m looking to get a bigger wheel. However, when you say you’re learning, how far have you got? When I got to ~20 revs without UPD I found that my legs were spinning too much and thought that was limiting me. However more practice has got me past that stage - also what helped significantly in that respect was learning to put more weight in the saddle. I’m actually putting off my purchase for a little bit, as I’ve realised that I can still learn a lot more on my 20" (and it will help a lot if I do so before going bigger). I did ~2 miles each way on my 20" a few days ago, and whilst I really would have liked a bigger wheel for that trip, I learnt a lot.