Would 24 inch Schwinn be okay as a first Unicycle?

I’m wondering, if the price is right, would a 24 inch Schwinn like the
one in the picture below be okay to learn on - mainly just to get
started and see if I can learn to ride to the end of our 1/4 mile
long road and back and see if I want to learn to ride one?
I’m watching a couple on eBay

How much would be worth it ($70 ?)


I bought one new about 8 years ago when I re-learned how to ride and still have it. I originally learned on one about 30 years ago. They’re OK for learning, but given what I know now, I would have gotten something more modern. They’re an old design – they’re heavy and the seatpost can only be adjusted in notches. Also the seat is uncomfortable for extended riding, it’s OK for short rides.

There are two different seatpost sizes, I had to get the longer size that fit me. If the seatpost is not the right size, it will be difficult to ride. I see that unicycle.com sells both sizes.

For $50-$60, it’s not a bad deal, if you just want something cheap to learn on and nothing else is available. I never ride mine anymore; I’m into Muni now.

For the right price sure. For what they are they are pretty strong. It looks like it has square tapered cranks (some REALLY old schwins had cottered cranks). The biggest drawback is that the seat only adjusts in 2" increments. If you are young and have healthy knees that might not be that big a deal. I see you are 48. I’m 52 and I need my seat height set just right or my knees hurt. Too low or too high an my kness hurt after I ride. That correct range for me is about 1/2". But if you are only looking to ride to the end of your street and back or you’ve got healthy knees that may not be an issue. Oh yeah they are heavy but that is not a problem for learning. The pedals don’t always hold up to lots of drops but new pedals are cheap. In general yeah it will do what you want fine.

Im no expert of price of used unicycles but for a Schwinn, no more than $70 is what I would think.

I learned to ride on a 24" Schwinn in 1978 and rode it, and another just like it, until 1989. It’s a war horse. Technology has advanced considerably since that design, so when you learn to ride you should get something better. Or you could just skip the middleman (the Schwinn) and get something better to begin with.
The Schwinn in that picture definitely has the long seat post. If you aren’t tall then you’ll need to order a short seat post or drill your own holes with a drill press.


Thanks for all of the feedback!

I can easily make new holes (weld old hole closed), could even cut & weld
a custom seatpost if necessary.

I might put a bid on it (depending on shipping cost) and see what happens.

My birthday is coming soon, so my accountant will approve it.
I won’t be 48 much longer…

We bought my son a Torker Unistar LX for Christmas (He’s almost 12)

If I found a used 24" Torker LX I’d be very tempted, but they sell
fast around here.

The biggest issue is I’d hate to spend a lot and have it end up in the same
closet as all the musical instruments I don’t play.

BTW, (re: your sig) I made a sticker out of the picture below and
pasted it on his bed when he wasn’t looking… he has a fear of clowns.

The Schwinn’s are fine for learning. I picked up a 20 for $10, and a mid 80’s 24 (blue Araya rim) for $40. The seat adjustments are in one inch increments, but still not as good as a modern fully adjustable model. I had to buy a new seatpost and drill holes in it to get it to fit. The post that it came with originally is pretty short.

Getting one of the models with an aluminum rim is nice because the tires are very available. The older ones use a proprietary Schwinn size that you will have to order if you need a new tire.

I don’t know if my wife will ever get around to riding the 24, but if she’s not into it I may just sell it for what I paid.

Scary clown sticker. :astonished: That’s heading for my archives.

Here’s a better version (the one I used as a sticker)