Worth checking out?

This just posted to my local craigslist:


Description is short:

28" wheel.
Seat says “Miyata”.
Steel wheel says “Schothorst” - made in Holland.


Image looks like a Uni in pretty good condition. Any thoughts?

It would be a nice way to test out a bigger wheel, if you haven’t tried one before. You might have trouble upgrading or replacing components because of its age. It’s dirt cheap; no obvious reasons to avoid it. Just don’t expect it to tolerate much off-road riding.

I learned last year on a 24" and have wanted to try out both larger and smaller sized wheels. Just not terribly familiar with the brands listed (quality). 28 also seems like an odd size. Though for $30 if it’s in good condition, it seems pretty hard to pass on.

28" isn’t an odd size at all - it’s basically a ‘skinny’ 29er :slight_smile: You’ll sometimes find road bike-sized tyres marketed as ‘28" tyres’ because they’re the same diameter rim as a 29er but made to fit skinnier tyres.

I would buy that just for the seat, if I lived locally. :slight_smile:

The rest of it looks to be in great shape. It’s not the best of uni frames, using the lollipops where the bolt heads press against the curved frame tubing. But it looks like that area may have been modified; it looks like there’s more than 2 bolts down there.

Buy it.

BTW the brand, if any, is “generic Taiwan” from the 80s (or maybe 90s). No sticker, no other way to identify the branding. The saddle is Miyata, which was the best you could get in those days. It just has the weak spot around those bearing holder bolts, which can be fixed with some spacers that are curved on one side and flat on the other, to make up for the poor engineering of that design.

That saddle is worth it for sure at that price.

When I was young boy in the 1970s, 28 inch bike wheels were by far the most common size where I lived. Most of us rode hand-me-down bikes that were probably already several decades old. I had my grandfather’s. It was the only vehicle he ever owned and mum convinced him to quit riding after a fall when he was about 71 and pass it on to me.

The wheel was quite different from a modern 28. The tyre width was a fractional size like 28 x 1 3/8 rather than decimal. The rims were rolled off at the side without the usual caliper braking surfaces. We just had coaster brakes in the back hub. My home town was so flat that was more than enough, as was the single speed drive.

Kids learnt to ride once we could barely reach the pedals. Fortunately we could start on a “ladies” without the top bar but it still seemed a huge machine to a ten year old. They were really heavy compared to modern bikes but virtually indestructible.

I appreciate all the feedback on this thread. I’m planning on checking it out tomorrow – well, definitely buying at $30 as I agree that the saddle is worth it. It seems like a good 2nd purchase for me and li’l bit faster than my 24".

@JohnFoss I was thinking the same thing about the bearings. I researched as much as I could but wasn’t able to find any model with 4 bolt Lollipop bearings. Can you link me to more info on custom spacers you’d mentioned?

Hmmm. Not sure if there are any specific sources to fit those unicycles anymore. Way back when, I think Unicycle.com had some of those. Actually probably never those, but the original Pashley Muni, which had a similar setup where the bolts went all the way through and came out the other side. At that time, you could buy “washers” to fit that uni. Those were skinnier bolts though. All I can think of for now is contact Unicycle.com, and maybe Tommi Miller (The Unicycle Factory; 765-452-2692, no Internet). If they don’t have anything, they might be able to point you to a source.

Or if you have any friends that are handy with machine tools, they could whip some up pretty easily. All you need to know is the diameter of the frame tubing and the width of the bolts, then build around that. :slight_smile: