Worst UPD yet!

Today while riding my normal “semi-muni” route, I decided to try “bombing” down a very steep hill. I had just switched from 150mm cranks to 175’s and thought no problem slowing down, especially with my new hydraulic maguras.

Well, I got going soooo fast, I was a “runaway train” and even my brakes couldn’t stop me…and they STOP very well! But not this time; maybe in the confusion I didn’t apply enough pull or that small puddle I had just pedalled through contributed, but MAN! What was AMAZING is just as I began to lose control, (I KNEW I was about to CRASH HARD!) BOTH my feet came off the pedals-but I Miraculously stayed ON the muni, for what seemed like 10 seconds! But it was probably more like a second or two at most, but maybe when you’re about to eat it bad, time slows down!

Anyway, I went FLYING forward and hit the rocky/rooty/hardpacked dirt pretty hard on my tailbone, and also sustained a nasty pedal bite on my right ankle. Luckily and to my surprise, I got up and shrugged it off and have no serious injuries. Now THAT I wish I had video taped!:slight_smile: So I guess that was my first (and hopefully last) unintentional “Coast.” :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve done the accidental coast while racing a friend on a flat street, It is definitely scary, I’m glad I wasn’t going down a hill like you! Good to hear you escaped relatively uninjured.

thats happened to me a few times before too. It seems like when you want to fall of your muni… you can’t

When you’re half-way to the century mark, it’s even MORE scary! It’s like, "what the HELL am I doing…I’m not a young guy anymore! So I did the only thing Icould do…I went right back up the hill and did it again, the right way!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Man thats sweet! way to go back and get it!

Your avatar is wicked funny!:smiley:

I poached it from the funniest pictures thread… It’s definatly my favorite avatar out of all the ones I’ve had.

Terry!!! Your a beast! Snake Handler, Muni rider, and Stuntman… All at 50!!!(Or so you say, I still dont believe you) Youre My Hero!!

I too have done an unintentional coast when I knew I was gonna crash hard. It’s amazing that you can take your feet off because you’re sure your going down, and then you can coast for a few meters. Your crash sounds a lot like mine, except I was doing the runaway freight train thing on pavement. Tailbone hurt for days.

Nice that you’ve achieved hero status here in cyberland. Congrats.:slight_smile:

Wow! I’m humbled by such words! My problem is that I don’t “act” my age! And that can get me in trouble since the bones aren’t as strong as they used to be! (Execept maybe for the one that’s in my head!:stuck_out_tongue: ) I just like goin’ for it sometimes and challenging myself. That seems to be my “life-is-too-short, so go for the gold” outlook. :slight_smile:

Strong brakes on a multi-wheeled vehicle = quick stop
Strong brakes on a unicycle = catapult :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if it can count as a “worst” UPD if you walked away with no serious injuries… scratch that – I haven’t had anything I couldn’t walk away from either, eventually, but we each have our “worst.” Glad you weren’t injured, and welcome to the world of unintentional coasting!

It was my worst upd…so far. And I fell not because the brakes cataputed me, but rather because I lost balance from not having my feet on the pedals, thus unintentional coast! OUCH! I have my brakes adjusted pretty well and I usually lean back slightly when applying them as to compensate for the forward thrust of the uni when braking. But I was moving so fast…REALLY fast, that the brakes were totally useless against the overpowering momentum of the wheel. Scary!

Ouch. I am very glad you are okay! I am getting more into Muni. Actually skipped out of work early yesterday to ride. shhhhh

I have been also getting more and more active as I get older. A few of my friends have independently suggested (and only half kiddlingly,with a tone of concern), that I have a late-blooming case of ADHD.

Keep it up, the not getting hurt part, that is!

HA! It’s such a coincidence that you mention ADHD! I’ve had that ALL of my life!:smiley: But just like a person who stutters can sing amazing well without stuttering, I seem to be able to ride muni and do my piano tuning with focus and patience! So I guess my lineof work and Muni-ing is a good outlet for my hyperactivity.

I can’t even move my wheel pushing as hard as I can with my Maggies squeezing on them halfway down, and yeat I can still manage to find hills that keep me going full blast downhill while squeezing my brakes for dear life…

Yeah, I wonder why that is? I guess it just takes a lot longer to stop when there’s so much momentum and weight (you) driving it forward at high speed. So I probably WAS stopping, but not anywhere quickly enough in my case!

i did sometihng liek that today, i was flying down this road and ive only got 125mm cranks on my 24" and i jsut kept goign faster and faster, i couldn’t slow down and so i tried to bail of and i coasted for at least 5m acidentally.

Hopefully you weren’t hurt! Well at least I can say I’ve “coasted”, but not intentionally!:smiley: