Worst UPD in the History of Man

Over 100 mph on a mountain bike. How he survived remains a mystery.


Click Bicycle Crash


Ouch. Looks like the fork broke or something.

I’ve seen that before, it’s pretty harsh!

Apparently the first run is on a standard Giant DH bike, and the second is on a specially-made carbon-framed bike built for the speed record. Why anyone would need a carbon frame for a downhill speed record is beyond me, but it obviously wasn’t up to the job!

The fact that his helmet goes flying off is pretty dodgy too, if I was him I would be seriously p*****-off with the helmet manufacturers!

Worst dismount with most camera angles. Ouch!

The helmet has to be properly fit to the rider, and properly strapped on, before you go and start blaming someone else… Fortunately the “riding surface” looked relatively crash-friendly. Crumbled lava is probably better than slickrock, for instance, or the stuff Kris Holm rode down on Orizaba when he did his big flip-crash in that video.

I told you those bike-thingies were dangerous!

Yeah that’s a good point, I suppose you can’t tell if he was actually wearing it properly from the vid.

I haven’t seen the Kris Holm crash, what video is it on?

He tried for the speed record with a normal bike. He broke it with the normal bike then went for a faster time with the custom and well…


his whole freakin frame snapped right in half :astonished:

daaang, I don’t think bike frames are supposed to do that…I’m glad he lived though.

Also that looks like a speed helmet, they’re designed more for a lower aerodynamic drag than actual crash protection, it rpobably wouldn;t have done that much anyway.

That was awesome!!!

Ouch that hurt, I felt it.


The Kris Holm crash can be seen on the unizaba trailer. It’s not great and you don’t get the whole crash, but you can get the idea without buying the video. You can find it on www.krisholm.com , go to galleries.

its a weak frame designed for speed not going over bumps at 163 mph

Does anyone know what kinda of injuries he sustained, cause I dont know about you guys, but I cant speak Japanese…

looks to me like the fork failed and allowed the wheel to come up and hit the frame, snapping it. then, well, you saw that.

And they say unicycling is dangerous…
he should have had a coker

Surely that was 163 kph? The terminal velocity of a human body is around 180mph, he wasn’t dropping anything like vertically and there would have been an appreciable amount of energy loss in the bike, this sort of speed would be impossible unless he had a gear big enough to propell himself downwards.

perhaps but the angle plus weight and aerodynamics would have come into play it was a very anged hill it look close to vertical his helmet and clothes are designed to lower wind resistence plus on the first attempt he had a normal DH bike so the carbon fibre frame would have helped alot

Or the fact that the rest of the world used Kilometers and their meter probably was in KPH and not MPH.