Worst Unicyle Wipeout

Yesterday at about 7:00 I had my worst (by far) unicyle wipeout and I would like to share it with everyone here b/c I’m sure you all can relate. By the way I USED to not wear a helmet or for that matter and protective gear at all.

So I was with my friends unicyling a local spot where I live, and yeah It was definatley a sketchy spot b/c of all the rain we’ve had lately but I didn’t care because I had just done and 8 and 10 stair double set!:slight_smile: So anyways I was unicyling in this concrete ditch/creek sort of thing that was covered in an “icy-like” mossy goop when all of the sudden (from what I can remember and what I was told by my friends) I started slipping and was slammed head first onto the cold hard concrete.

Now when I say head first I mean The back of my head was literally slammed into the concrete with all my weight,(and force from falling) behind the hit. :o
From what I was told I immediatley was K.O cold. About a 1 min. into my concussion I started having involuntary siezure’s and that’s when the panic set in. My friends immediatley called 9-1-1 but could only stand by my side and hold me until help arrived (which took 7 min. and my concussion lasted about 5)

Once help arrived, about half our police dept. and our medical services, I was strapped into a stretcher and neckbrace. However the spot I was in was impossible to carry me out b/c of the terrain so I was lifted out on a fire truck’s ladder and then immediatley careflighted (that means by helicopter) to some hospital in dallas.

After spending 6 hour’s in constant observation’s, getting all sorts of test’s done, x-ray’s and various other stuff I can’t really remember they released me at about 2 a.m.

So I really do hope that my story will change the opinion’s of people who don’t wear anything to protect them b/c trust me…it’s NOT WORTH IT.

Ooooooooooooooouuucccchhhhh!! :astonished: did it hurt? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, he was knocked out cold and in panic - when this happens you dont realise pain.
A simular thing happened to me while skating in a wetish skate bowl last year - i didnt knock myself out though - just took quite a bash to the back of my head - I was tripping out big time for the rest of the day.

i was once rocking on my chair in school, trying to find the ultimate balance by balancing on the back two legs of the chair and, you guessed it, i fell back and slammed my head on the edge of the desk behind me.

It hurt alot for the next week and the saddest thing about it is that everyone just laughed at me… not a care in the world.

It did make me feel kind of “not with it” for the rest of the day too…

This is very true

was the medical bill expensive…?

I got a concussion by trying a rolling 180 off a 4ft drop landing backwards. I couldn’t see that great and I was defiantly not with it my head was pounding so bad. I basically went right to the back of my head off a 4ft drop luckily I did have a helmet.

Ok, so I’ll start off by saying mine wasn’t as bad as yours - no brain injury or medivacs involved.

But, I did get a bruise to my calf so bad I couldn’t walk without a MAJOR limp for 4 days, couldn’t use my leg for any meaningful purpose for a good week, and was off the uni for 2-3 weeks.

Basically I fell off my mUNI backwards and my pedal came up and smacked my calf incredibly hard. This happened in a rather tame section of this ride described by Steveyo My foot was so immobile for the first 2 days (no flex, big limp) that I checked with the doc, but he said just a ‘deep contusion’ requiring ice and immobility for the first 2 days and as much use and stretching as possible afterwards.

I went for my first big ride today, about 3 weeks post injury, and its feeling aok.

Leaves me wondering what the injury rate is for uni, or Muni anyway. I’ve been riding about 1 year and thus have had 1 significant injury requiring a 2-3 week break. In 10 years of competitive wrestling I had 3 injuries of similar magnitude (one slightly worse, 2 about the same), in 10 years of competitive ultimate I’ve had just one injury this bad.


This just adds to the reason why I wear a helmet while doing any extreme unicycling, I needs my nugget!

glad your OK. happened to my mom, pretty scary stuff.

Could you see your house from the helicopter?

I doubt he can remember the ride at all, concussions suck.

i agree i got one when me and my frends were boxing and the next thing i know i got punched and was on the ground. I had a headache for the rest of the day. I didnt lose the fight tho it was a tie

I have never had such a bad experience as you buddy. Sounds like it was quite a shock.

I have broken both my arms on different occasions,
twisted my ankle three times and smashed my pelvis a few times.

I have never shinned myself though, or hit my head, though I ALWAYS wear a helmet.

I now wear harbingers on every little ride I do: it is ridiculously easy to break an arm and ruin a summer.

2 concussions, one leg compound fracture, one broken arm, and 5 or 6 broken fingers and toes. :smiley:

Empty-spaced Jebus! It’s not all from unicycling, is it?

no, no. worst unicycling injury is broken toenail from falling off some northshore stuff. It’s still purple :smiley:

Well now that’s proof that unicycling isn’t as dangerous as BMX or MTB stackings

all the other injuries are from my single speed mtb. Curse you gravity!

I learned to wear protection when my pedal put a hole in my shin. But that story is not very impressive compared to yours:D