Worst. Unicycle. Ever.

check out this link. i do believe it is riddled with typos. either that or its a 20" with 350mm cranks. also, it either has 5 pedals or the pedal thread size is 59/16" pedals. what is 60 TPI? tons per inch? torrs per inch? someone help me figure out the typos!

Most screwed up uni ever


this link, to the 24" schwinn is just as bad.

apparently the cranks are 220 mm wide x 350 mm long. for some reason there is a “Shromed steel” , square type, cotterless, 5.5" long something attacthed somewhere. same deal with the 59/16" pedals. oh, and the tire is 24" x1.75 steel. i thought you were supposed to use rubber to make tires? beats me.


thats funny,i can help with the 60 TPI though.it means Threads Per Inch.the more threads your tyre has,the more durable it is.you also get less flats.

thats great. it shows how little schwinn cares about unicycles. they love making bikes…grrrrr… theyve had the same model for what, 30 years. and they obviously hired a drunk monkey prostitute to do their ads for unis…

Don’t you think that’s a bit insulting to drunks… come to think of it, it insulting to monkeys and prostitutes also.


Actually, this is not the case. Schwinn started with a good, solid design for the money, made improvements slowly over the years, made some massive improvements in 1986, then went “retro” around 1995 and undid all their improvements from the mid-80s.

The 1986 Schwinn 24" had an alloy rim (blue), non-marking tire (blue & white), pedals with plastic ends (white), and a relatively comfortable Viscount seat (blue with white bumpers; the black ones on the 20" were hard as rocks).

I think Schwinn’s web site is made in a country where English is not the primary language, and the quality control isn’t being controlled.

5 9/16” pedals probably means the cranks are 5".

Tire: 20” x 1.75 white wall, 60 TPI I have to disagree with Jagur on the thread count, only because 60 happens to be the recommended tire pressure on the older Schwinn Unicycle tires. I have a feeling this has something to do with “tire pressure.” I don’t know much about thread count on tires, but maybe the 60 could be that as well though.

If you want to learn about the Schwinns, I’d believe what I read at Unicycle.com. It looks like they’re paying more attention to their Schwinns:

The Schwinn is a classic, but they haven’t kept up with the technology changes since they undid their 1986 improvements.