Worst series of UPD's

Ok guys, tonight I was riding home from my friends house on my coker going about 18 mph and I totaly biffed it going over an overpass. My arm is really rode burnt, and I broke my toe. So sucked it up and got back on, and then my shoe lases wrapped around my crank and I fell on my face again. Then I got back on and my left pedel fell off and fell on my face yet again. My toe is broken so bad now. I couldn’t get my pedel back on so I had to walk about a mile home. My toe hurts so bad! Man, I had bad luck tonight. Has anybody else had a series of bad UPD’s like this?

Not so bad as that, that is some pretty sucky luck.

Yesterday I went on a pretty long muni ride and I had a small stretch where I completely crashed about three times in a row. The first one I rolled out of, which wasn’t too bad. The next one I completely crashed onto my face, and down a hill, but was stopped by a rhododendron bush, which was actually very nice. Its many branches sorta absorbed me like shocks. The last one I fell face first but slowed myself with my hands.

I now will use a helmet when Muning.

Good luck with your toe!

Re: Worst series of UPD’s

You make your own luck sometimes. Cokers and shoe laces do not mix. I learned that the easy way: My lace got caught just as I was starting a long ride on pavement, but it broke. I then wrote a long diatribe against Cokering with shoe laces. Live and learn (and make other people’s mistakes).

I bet that even Halfbike knew to wear a helmet while Cokering at speeds he could barely outrun (please tell me that’s true, HB).

Honestly, doesn’t everyone know to wear pads and a helmet when muni’ing? Well, you do now, but I mean…wouldn’t that have made sense ahead of time? I really don’t want to read about someone becoming the world’s first person to die while unicycling, but I think the day is coming.

Good luck, and ride (more) carefully.

Egad! Or possibly, zounds! Sounds like a nasty series of falls.

My worst UPD was when I did my chin. I rode the Muni down a small natural rock step, mistimed it and the wheel bounced. I was catapulted into the air and flew like a high diver, landing chin first on a rock, several feet away. As Spike Milligan would have said, fortunately, the ground broke my fall. I honestly thought I’d broken my jaw. I lay stunned , face down in the snow, watching the blood spread around me. I lost half a tooth and needed 7 stitches in my chin - after ridng back to the car and driving 20+ miles to hospital, holding all the bits in place with my hand.

I now wear a full face helmet for most MUni riding.

I remember when my friend’s horse bolted - his first action was to shut the stable door.:wink:

I guess i’m quite a wimp compared to you people, but i have a 26" that i use to get around and I never go faster than i can run, so I can stay on my feet if i fall. So far I’ve managed to stay on my feet in falls all but one time, when I hit a huge bump that i wasn’t expecting.

I’ve never had any bad luck like that. At least not at all back to back. I have had a really bad fall where I fell off my giraffe on my knee about a yr ago. It really sucked bad.

Yeah, i didn’t even know luck like that was possible. The funny thing is, my friends dad offered me a ride home and I said no. I could have avoided the whole thing.

I was coming home from a video rental store yesterday, and there is this pacth of sidewalk that is like a trial ride warm-up. Not to difficult, so i decided to have some fun. I UPD’d very swiftly. Not fun.so i hop up, grab the uni and try again. no less than 5 ft later, i enter uneven terain i wasnt expecting, and catapulted into a combat roll. When i finaly got home, i discoverd i still had my MP3 player in my bookbag.Thank god it wasnt broken.