Worst deal on a Unicycle ever!

Check it out! This guy wants $600 for his torker lx :astonished: He claims to have paid over $800 for it new. What a liar.


Yup. I posted this several days ago on FB when the ad came out, and among the tons of comments were some who said they tried texting the guy, but didn’t get an answer. Total scam.

It’s not how much your spending but how much your saving! You’d be saving 200 bucks from what he paid for it. :astonished:

If you look at it that way I have a torker lx that I will sell you for only 300$ Thats only half what this guy wants for it.

I also don’t think that there is any way he paid $800 for it.

I was completely joking, this guy is just the standard craigslist scammer.

I must have payed 1200 for my n26

Yeah, its likely that he doesn’t even own the Uni in the picture.

ha i want it :stuck_out_tongue:

That Oregon on ebay was fishy from the start also. An Oregon in Manhattan…An extra tire of the same tire that comes with it even though it was never ridden. My question about venture cranks got a reply of whatever it comes with. HAHA it just never made sence.

who baught it?

After a while he took it down and relisted it with a buy it now of 500$. Someone bought it, but I have no Idea who

How do you know someone bought it?

I had a bid on it along with maybe 5 other people. Then with 22 hrs left, ebay sent me a message that my bid was cancelled. I looked it up and it was no longer listed. Normally a buy it now price that is met doesn’t cancel bids. You get an email saying you lost. So I thought something was wrong with the deal too. The buy it now price was $550. :thinking:

Type unicycle into the ebay search box then click on “sold listings” (the link is located just above the list of stuff that comes up). This should show you all of the recent listing that sold related to unicycle and what they sold for. I use this function to estimate what something will go for before I list something on ebay.

I’m pretty sure that he took it off of ebay entirely and then relisted it with no auction and a new buy it now of $500.

Too bad, I was looking forward to the last minute bidding war. I was only going to $430, I figured it would go for over $500.

Whoever it was must not have realized what it was worth.

I figured it was a christmas gift.

should of done a buy it now on it! i wanted it!

He’s back on craigslist, but this time he is changing his story. When saw his first ad (they may have been previous ads as well) he stated that he paid $800, but would sell it for $600. This time he claims he paid $600 and is now asking for $400. Total scam.