Worst comment yet?


So, I went for a blast around the watersports centre this evening. Near to the end of a pleasant ride, I saw a family, complete with cute kid on one of those tricycles with a handle on a stick, for risk averse parentys who don’t want their kids to learn to be independent.

So, the cute child, aged about 3 or 4, says in a loud clear voice, “Look, Daddy. There’s the unicycler we saw before.”

So far so good. In fact, full marks to the kid for remembering the word unicicyle, and constructing the logically correct noun “unicycler” from his new pice of knowledge.

Then the child shouts after me, “Hey! Unicycle woman!”

Hmmmmm. For those who don’t know, I’m a 42 year old bloke.

Look on the bright side. Its better than those dead head ‘missing wheel’, ‘oh you’ve found you’re missing wheel’ (I was on my bicycle) comments I get where I work.

You weren’ wearing a kilt by any chance? :stuck_out_tongue:


do you have flowing long hair? that confuses the hell out of children. I’ve literally made 3-4 year olds cry when i talk. fortunately their folks found it funny. I’m 6’4 with really long blonde hair, i also have a fairly deep voice. Children under a certain age often go by hair length as one of the key factors in determining whether you’re a man or a woman. They’ve come up to me to hand me tickets(usher at a theatre) and when i say “thank you” or something, my deep voice confuses them and a few times they’ve started to cry. in conclusion, it coulda been worse.

Maybe the kid knew you were going to be a judgemental pussy about his/her own wheels and just took it from there. :wink:


The other day I was trying to hop up this scary staitcase thing on a narrow mountain trail when a lady and her kids,one of them about 4 or 5 hiked past.The little kid stared for a minute,and said:“hey mister,you wanna come with us to my house?”

I assume you’re now practising riding in a macho fashion to avoid any future misunderstandings… :smiley:

Best comment I’ve had recently was from a friend out riding with his son on b*kes. As they passed me practising in my usual spot, they shouted, “Two wheels good! One wheel bad!”

Very Orwellian. :sunglasses:

I’ll take that as you don’t recognise the word. It’s from the English dialect of the English language. It’s a colloquial term for an adult male human.:slight_smile:

I was wearing a helmet. But to answer the question, I have a number 1/2 buzzcut back and sides, and an early 80s-style flat top.

Personally, I think it was because I’m so slim, and I was wearing tight leggings.

Last year, I had a comment like : «Get a life man» when I was unicycling near my house.

Sounds like the kids were looking for a new daddy.

Maybe they mistook you for Simon Le Bon.

Re: Worst comment yet?

I get this all the time, what with my long hair. I had a load of builders once who shouted loudly that they wanted to sniff my seat (eeeew gross). Oh and the guy in the supermarket when I had a small uni with me who told me that he’d seen a woman with a really really big wheeled one of those yesterday and described me somewhere where I was on my commute.


“Whoa, MAN!!”

(glass is half full)

my worst comment

The worst comment I got was last summer. I was sucking wind up a hill, and falling behind the 2 other Cokers I was riding with. Once I got to the top I was a good 200 yards behind. That’s when the guys working on their pick-up truck said: “Look there’s another one. Lets get your gun and shoot him.”

Re: my worst comment

LOL! That’s a great comment, really. They reverse anthropomorphized you (if there is such a thing) AND wanted to help put you out of your misery. :slight_smile:

Re: my worst comment

Had to laugh out loud at that one.

According to my extensive research on UK fashion (Actually, I just watched Black Adder a bunch); doesn’t a cod-piece go with tight leggings?

…Ah, yes. Not much has changed here in Ye Olde England since Black Adder times. We’ve only just got indoor plumbing, decimal money and eradicated the Plague.

The last American gentleman emulator of the cod-piece style I believe was the popular singer “Cameo” with the song “Word Up” (mid 80’s).