Worst comment ever.

I just got done hopping down a flight of stairs, skipping two at a time. I then proceed to ride down a sidewalk, do rolling 180 into backwards riding… after 20-30 cranks I dismount. A young kid, around 12-13 years old, comes up to me and asks me a question.

“Are you new at that? Did you just start riding?”

I wanted to die. Damn kids.


lol just the fact that i can wobbly go about 50m impresses people round here…

Hey, Accord

The kid might have just wanted to know how long you have been doing it.

Or was it the tone of which he spoke?


PS, very impressed by your talent… :stuck_out_tongue:

You could tell by the tone of his voice that he truely believed that I had just begun riding… I’d hate to meet that kid’s parents.

I posted before of a similar experience, so I can realate:

So there I was, handing along a long wall that goes along the sidewalk, trying to learn how to wheelwalk. I of course, could get both feet to go down the wheel once, then dismount, to try again.

An elderly lady, out for a stroll says ‘Pretty hard isn’t it?’ ‘It sure is I said’ ‘Don’t worry, keep practising, you’ll be able to ride that thing someday’

This was taken from the thread, oddly enough entitled, ‘worst comment ever’ :slight_smile:

Re: Worst Comment Ever

Hmmm, let’s see:

I have on numerous occasions been told by someone how they “jewed” a merchant down in price. And normally after my complaints, they say, “you know I didn’t meant it ‘THAT WAY’”.

Or when I used walk with my dad to work during the summer and we passed the “summer school” and we would hear “jew bastard” muttered on occasion as we went by.

Or maybe the time my mom went over to a neighbors house to complain about their son who was picking on my brother and just before the door was slammed in her face heard, “stay away from my house, kike”.

There used to be a reporter at the AP who, whenever he was told a “jew” joke, would have this encounter:

Reporter: You know I wish you didn’t say that. My father was Jewish.
Joke Teller: Oh, what about your mother?
Reporter: She was Jewish, too.

I like being called a clown. :slight_smile:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Wow, there’s some perspective.

On the bright side, if you weren’t Jewish it might have taken you a lot longer to find out what <expletive deleted> those people were.

It’s amazing what power stupidity can have - that kind of crap is so fundamentally ignorant it’s almost impossible to reason with; even assuming the capacity for reason exists.

I can handle ‘clown’ too - I hope it’s the worst we’ve all got coming!


Re: Worst comment ever.

Would it have been ought of order to ride straight over him?

kick his ass then do huge seat out in front hops over him while asking him if he’s ever unicycled…

I had just finished a ride and was at the head of the trail catching my breath with a few mtnbikers when someone drove by and yelled out the window “I just lowered my cholesterol”.
I enjoy pretty much all the comments, whatever they might be trying to say.

i miss out on comments…
people just stare really, or ignore it as if everyone they know can uni :roll_eyes:

My dad and i were out cokering when a kid pointed at me and laughed. I pointed and laughed back and he just looked confused. Ha, that showed him! :roll_eyes:

Just went to the shop to take a video back, fell off & got
from a 70 year old lady…
In Mikefuel’s clasification I think that was a type (2) response (expressing an opinion) seems like a common response round here… BUT recently heard comments are

a) when my family of 5 were all out on a ride together:
“are you a circus family”
“you are a uniform family”

b) heard from old lady in surprise encounter with Joe Rowing on his unicycle near a MTB trail, and she was serious:
“is that the front half of your mountain bike”


ME and M_Extreme_uni were riding in down town Toronto at about 8pm ad some crazy guy about 28 turns the corner behnd us wereing his dirty punk kid cloths. He yells “SPooky” and thn thows a license plate at us, it hit my tire. That is all for now.



P.S. Your hole familly rides mike.hinson, that’s awesome, but how did you manage that.

I’ve only been riding for about 4 months, but I’ve still had my fare share of dumb comments. My friends and I were out riding once and this kid from school in his SUV chased us around an elementary school. He drove over medians and up this blactop hill. He actually chased us a second time but he was drunk and threw a beer at us. before he left he and his friends thought for about 5 minutes and then yelled “BURN IN HELL UNICYCLING ***** BAGS!!!”

And people tell us that we are missing a wheel and stuff like that all the time.

Re: Worst comment ever.

>“Are you new at that? Did you just start riding?”

>An elderly lady, out for a stroll says ‘Pretty hard isn’t it?’ ‘It sure
is I said’ ‘Don’t worry, keep practising, you’ll be able to ride that
thing someday’

Keep in mind, the vast majority of people have no clue as to how easy or
difficult riding a unicycle actually is, or what the deal with wheelwalking is,
or whether you’ve fallen off because you’re a new rider or because you’re a
level 5 rider trying to learn a level 6 skill. The kid might just be curious
about how long it takes to learn the amazing stuff that you’re doing (think of
it: if he thinks you’re someone who can do all that as a beginner, isn’t that
kind of a compliment?), or the old lady might just be being nice, and giving
some kind words of support to someone she sees trying to learn something which
she knows nothing about but which looks difficult. Tone of voice makes a
difference certainly, but the comments themselves don’t strike me as being
particularly offensive.

The obviously abusive drunken morons of course are a different story.
Fortunately I encounter these creatures only rarely.


  • Another Joe in MN
    Level 2 and holding

First me (44), then Luke (was 9 now 12) then Andrea (was 7 now 9) Then my wife Paula, then Rosanna (6) just a couple of weeks ago. All we need now is a family picture.


Not posting your wife’s age? She must be reading over your shoulder. :slight_smile:


This stuff is fun to talk about, and share amongst ourselves, who understand what it’s like to be on the receiving end. But for those who are really concerned and worried, for those looking for a way to “cure” the average person of this, it ain’t going to happen.

We are out in public, doing something unusual. Unusual things get unusual comments. Because unicycling is perceived as non-threatening, people seem to feel free to say whatever comes into their head. Sometimes this is well thought out, and other times there is clearly no thought involved. But people are going to say stuff.

Not everybody doing “unusual” stuff gets the same type of comments. A guy walking at a fast pace down the street in NYC at 2:00 in the morning carrying a spear gun (seen by a friend of mine) is going to get less comments. He’s scary, but we’re not.

When we’re dressed up in helmet pads, and big knobby tire, people seem less likely to say the more dorky things. We look a little more intimidating. People react to what they see.

For many people, seeing and reacting to something like a unicyclist brings out their true personalities. You get to find out right away what kind of a person they are. Responses also vary depending on who the respondant is with. If alone, they usually say less, or less-offensive things. When with peers, they can get downright dangerous.

When they’re drunk and driving an SUV, just get the hell away! They were probably just looking for an excuse to drive all over the school grounds. You made it easier for them.

So what to do? Be polite, or ignore. Most people, even if their comments are annoying, are just trying to break the ice. Comments like “Where’s the other wheel” usually represent a person trying to get in on the fun with you. So give them back one of the classic responses “On my other unicycle” and let them share the fun with you. For the nasty people, no response is necessary. Don’t give them the time of day. If you can make them think you didn’t even hear them it works even better, by not giving them the satisfaction.

As for the boy in the original post, what does he know? Non-riders have no idea about unicycling. Sounds like he was curious. So just tell him no, those were hard tricks!

We forget, as we learn more about unicycling, what the general public sees. I have to think back to my jr. high school days, seeing Jim Bossey of the Pontiac Unicyclists riding a five-footer over a jump ramp in my school variety show. I thought he was going to die. I had no idea what I was looking at. Today, I can tell a beginner from a comfortable rider in one second. I can tell which direction a rider is about to fall, when they start to loose it, whether the trick they’re doing is easy for them or hard, and even sometimes what they can and can’t do based on what I’ve already seen. I’m not always right on this, but I’m pretty consistent.

Give the people on the street the benefit of the doubt.