worshop at the Belgium unicycle convention.


In the weekend of 22-23 januar, we do the 8th unicycle convention in Belgium.

Because Julien monney appearantly can’t come to give his freestyle workshops, we are searching fo other GOOD freestyler to give a workshop for the more advanced unicyclists…

The workshop must be given in English, it’s the easiest way to communicate.
(or if you can speak Dutch of french, it’s also good )

do you know someone or are you interested to give one,
let me know… !!!



Re: worshop at the Belgium unicycle convention.

This might be something for Leo Vandewoestijne. I don’t know if he is willing to do it but he is good enough! He is a native Dutch speaker but he speaks English too. Contact Leo on his email <leo(at)unicycle(dot)net>.

Klaas Bil

CAn you give us more details about that convention
so we 'll be abble to annonce it on our national website (monocycle.info)


thx klaas for the tip, I’ll try to contact Leo, he is indeed a very good freestyler.

We are still working on the details, so the programm will be ready in, let’s say, about a week.

But I can annonce you the general info:

What: The 8the Belgian Unicycle Convention
When : 22-23 Januar 2005
Where: Neerpelt, PC Dommelhof (Belgium)
General programm:
Saturday: Basket games/competition
Sunday: Many workshops (freestyle and trials) + Serveral games + a unicycle battle :smiley:


someone asked details about that in the French forum

Can we have some more informations ?