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Just got back from my inaugural ride of my new GB4/Stockton 36" beast. I had a stock coker with 150’s and it was fine, but this new ride is exceptional. The frame is stiff and solid as I had hoped. The wheel is amazing as well. I am an extremely impatient person, but glad that I waited for this wheel. It is hard to explain just how different it rides. It seems like all the energy you use while pedaling is transferred to the wheel.

Munipsycho and I braved torrential rains and Tornado warnings to put in about 4 miles. I was actually pretty nervous about the ride. I haven’t been riding as much lately, and my hill climbing has been less than stellar. In addition I had shorter cranks than I was used to. I had at least a half a dozen reasons not to go ride tonight, which motivated me all the more to meet Munipsycho at Stone Mountain for a ride.

Neither of us had a camera, which was probably a good thing considering how hard it was raining. So there were no pictures of this stellar event. I got off and raised the seat about 2 1/2 inches for Jeffrey(Munipyscho) to take it for a spin. Jeffrey currently has his own custom ride on order, so I had to give him a taste of what he was waiting for. He took to it like a fish to water. Big smiles as he came riding by me, I am not sure if this will make the wait better or worse.:smiley:

The great thing about the ride was I was handling the hills like I did last fall. The lighter wheel, and the shorter cranks allowing for a more efficient spin took me straight up many hills that I was nervous about before the ride. I actually felt like I could have ridden further, but for some reason decided to pack it up when we came close to the cars.

Seems weird, but for 2 years of unicycling I have avoided riding in the rain. I now think it is one of my favorite things to do.

Only complaint. My legs are short and thick. The back of my thigh bangs the crown of my GB4 frame with every revolution of the pedals. Not sure how to remedy this, anyone else had this problem? I wonder if a rail adapter would allow the seat to be further forward? Any suggestions?

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One solution is a Hunter frame instead of the GB4. :smiley:

You aren’t the first shorter rider to have that same problem with the GB4 frame. The practical solution is to get a rail adapter and get the seat as far forward as you can. Use a seatpost that has a setback and turn it around so that it becomes a setforward design. Something similar to this seatpost.

If you have straight low Q-factor cranks then try cranks that flare out and have more Q-factor. That will get your legs wider apart and may help get you more clearance.

If I go that route, I will also need a rail adaptor. KH has two that seem to fit the bill. One is $29 and made in Taiwan, and the second (Type 2) is $69 and made in Canada. Does anyone know the difference, and which would be more appropriate for a Coker application? I also currently have a GB4 handle. Will this get in the way?

I just got one thing to say:

Sweet Ride!!!

OK, I just got one other thing to say:

DS, pleeeeze hurry because that thing is awesome!

The Canadian made rail adapter fits the Miyata bolt pattern while the cheaper one fits the KH/Schwinn/Viscount bolt pattern. If you have a Miyata seat you get hosed on the rail adapter. The Miyata seats used to be the standard and were the standard when the Canadian made rail adapter was made. Now the standard has changed to the KH seat.

There are actually 2 Canadian versions. The one you described, and one for the KH seats. If you aren’t sure, I guess the only option I have is to call , because you are the best resource on this forum.:wink:

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As Aspenmike says: “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.”

Pictures please…

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If you guys are complaining…


(Still waiting for pics…)

oh really ? :sunglasses:

there is a Canadian version that fits the KH/Schwinn/Viscount as well (type 2)

on this page

also, if Bedford has any left i would suggest the Steve Howard rail adapters, the contruction it way better, they are lighter and made from stainless steel.

scroll down on DB’s PDF

where does this put me on resource the list?

You have one I can trade.:smiley:

Hell at one point or another you have probably owned everything on both sites, so I would say pretty high.:wink:

I have already ordered, but if Darren had a little more consumer friendly site, I may have ordered from him today. I did see that on his site, but have no idea about the product, what it looked like, and didn’t feel like going to the post office to get a money order. Maybe if he has some at NAUCC, I’ll pick one up.

I couldn’t find a digital camera so here is some polaroids.

Oh yea to see the full pictures go HERE.

oh well, if you already ordered then so be it but the Steve Howard ones are alot better.

whats good is the KH ones are better than they were back in the days they were called Wilder rail brackets, i broke one and so did some others on here. since then the welds have got better and the brake mounting tube is thinner/lighter. the cheezy paint still flakes off though.

a wild card here is that you may get a 69 dollar Canadian version even if you ordered the type 1 taiwan version. thats what happen to a friend i know. those grabby teenage box packing hands at UDC can pay off somtimes. ( unless you did order the high priced CA version, then just reverse what i said and send it back)

I busted mine at Moab this year with about 3 hours of total riding for its lifespan. Those welds are just too close to the edge of the plate.

The good news was UDC replaced it no problem. The bad news is there isn’t great consistency in the construction of these things…the rails on my new one don’t line up at all precisely with the grooves on my adapter, whereas my original one did.

Steve_Howard would never settle for such imprecision. Too bad we can’t figure out how to cost him his day job, then he could lounge around Idaho building all the cool stuff for us we want.


is your Coker drunk?

in all your pix, its either leaning against somthing, using a hand rail or passing out in a recliner?

it even exposes itself, coming out of the shower without its frame on in one shot…man? get that thing under control.

I was sloppy there. The point I was trying to make was that if you have a Miyata style saddle (or if you’ve drilled your CF seat base for a Miyata post) then you’re stuck with getting the expensive version of the rail adapter. If you have a KH/Schwinn style seat you can get the less expensive rail adapter.

I drilled all of my CF seats with the Miyata bolt pattern. Now I’m stuck with the expensive rail adapter as the only option if I happen to need to buy another because one broke.

i know :sunglasses:

you havent quoted me in a long time and i knew that would do it so i had to act.

it is weird that you never have busted one yet, i always wondered why that was. luck i guess.

all my CF plates were drilled for Miyata too, but they are not mine any more of course :wink: my Torker KH clone has lasted longer that i thought it ever would.

I ride like a princess. :slight_smile:

you still have time to edit that. are you sure that what you want to see in a future sig line? :astonished:

How’d you know. That’s why I wasn’t able to ride yesterday. Just not willing to risk a UUI or UWI depending on your state.

It can be a real problem too, that damn thing took my favorite chair were I do the majority of my internet research.

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And did you guys smoke cigars while riding, by any chance?:smiley:

Great, great looking machine! I’ve seen the Stockton/GB4 coker combination up close at a NYUC meeting – an incredible unicycle! Congratulations!

Would pedal spacers would be a good remedy for the kind of thing you described about hitting the frame with your legs? --I almost got them because I had a similar problem with my 26er a while back but for some reason, the problem went away…

Pedal Spacers