worlds smallest uni

i was just wondering how big the worlds smallest rideable uni was and who rode it?



i dont know how small the smallest uni in the WORLD is but i am making a 3" one… and no this one is NOT fore sale

If i remember right, there was i guy that had a unicycle that had a wheel the size of a dime, it was on guiness world records primetime.

Back in the 70s, Al Hemminger and a machinist friend built a unicycle with 13/16" wheel. That’s supposed to be slightly smaller than a dime. I rode this unicycle on a TV show once. It was a giraffe, about 15" high or so, with a normal Schwinn seat on top. It had a belt drive, which also worked as the tire on the little bottom wheel. It was very hard to ride because the “forks” or whatever you want to call them, had very little ground clearance. It could only be ridden on very hard, smooth surfaces like a tile floor or formica. I believe it was listed in Guinness in the mid 1980s, but then not listed after that (in US editions).

Much more difficult to manage is a “standard” unicycle with tiny wheel. In other words, pedals directly on the wheel. I’ve seen people ride wheels down to about 1.5", and I know there are smaller ones out there. At one time Peter Rosendahl had the record with a tiny-wheeled cycle with a very low seat (about 8" high). That one may still be current.

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>i was just wondering how big the worlds smallest rideable uni was and
>who rode it?

8" high, 0.7" wheel, Peter Rosendahl.

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I dont think its the smallest but there is a very small uni ridden in the “The Swedish Cycle Act” video in J.C.'s Monster Gallery. It’s a very cool video…for those of you that havent seen it. I appreciate that he took the time to put it in his gallery.


I already posted the worlds smallest in unicycle world records klaas Bil has the right one.