World's sexiest unicycle act

What do you guys think of my new unicycle routine?

That was extremely creative. The girls must love it!

I was aroused. I’m guessing you got this idea from the Swiss?

I was inspired by the music of Rick James, plus I wanted an excuse to wear the gold shorts in public.

I didn’t know the Swiss had a claim on unicycle striptease. Anyway, I think it was the best striptease I’ve seen on a unicycle. And yes, it wasn’t the first. :slight_smile:

Obviously your riding area was tiny, and you have good small-stage riding skills to cope with it. Maybe a little too much hopping though. The hopping takes away from the sexy.

At the end, when you finished and still had your pants on, I was feeling ripped off. But then you, uh, ripped off and all was good. That was fun, but you can also get lots of laughs from taking your pants off while riding, if you wanted to go that way. Then you could finish wearing some dorky boxers, do the chin balance and then have those tear away if you want. :smiley:

Thanks John. It means a lot from you. I work with Milstein in NY and he always speaks highly of you :slight_smile:

Hey! Say hi to Greg for me. Long time no see. For the rest of you, Greg Milstein was the host of Unicon II, the second world championships. Also the first one to be called Unicon. He’s also an old friend and former roommate, who I learned to ride on small stages with. :slight_smile:

There’s an old picture of him here:

Believe it or not, there’s a photo of a VERY young John Foss at the NCP headquarters in Westbury, NY…