World's highest unicycle drop??

Somebody who knows?? Have heard about 10 - 13 feet but i don’t know exactly!! World’s highest drop??

I think Kris Holm holds the record at 15 feet or so.

I herd 16ft onto sand.


Yeah, but on to sand is somewhat easier. Of course, I could never do it, but still…

Sem Abrahams did about 80 feet in to water in UNiVERsE II.

Sounds like you need to define your criteria for highest drop. Kris Holm dropped 14’ or so onto sloped ground (fairly soft, I think). But he rode away. Do you have to ride away?

So you could look at records for highest drop to:
level dirt
sloped dirt
sloped pavement


The highest one I’ve heard of that I would “count” would be Kris’ drop to sloped dirt. But something like Sem’s big drop to water should be noted as well, at least if he went in right side up, like he could land on the bottom and ride down there…

Didn’t the french guy (yoggi?) do a 14 foot drop onto a tire?

Karl Thompson did a huge drop of the edge of a cliff into Lake Powell (I think). It had to be at least 40 feet.


Here is a slightly more detailed description of Kris’ drop from another thread:

Largest drop landed successfully: Kris Holm, 5 metres onto sand (16.5’). 4.26 (14’) metres onto a trail (Lobotomizer drop, North Shore).

was that in U2?

We should define terms. It seems to me that measuring unsuccessful drops like Yoggi’s in Japan is not very interesting. Even though watching someone nearly make a 4m drop is very impressive, it’s SUCCESS (riding away) that counts.


Re: World’s highest unicycle drop??

Given the amount of stress it places on the vertebrae at landing, I’ll consider this as highly dangerous…

Maybe the clue is to wear a helmet and use the tire as an airbag :smiley:

Hihgest drops to sloped mud!!

I have dropped 2-3 meters to sloped mud and landed it easly, I only thought how high drops someone has courage to take and (of course) land (to sloped mud). Bought a KH24 yesterday and are going to try breaking my own record at dropping. That’s the meaning of unicycling anyway,
ride as hard as you can and have fun… Next time ride even harder and make it funnier :stuck_out_tongue:

A helmet protects your head, not your spine.

I think the world’s highest drop might be the crash of Sky Lab.


I think the Genesis probe cratering at Dugway UT from solar orbit beats the SkyLab record, since SkyLab only fell from low Earth orbit.


yeah harper… jeez… :roll_eyes:

i wouldnt do a 16 foot drop on my feet…i dont think.

I believe there was a guy (or two) that dropped out of an airplane with a uni strapped to him and he landed it (with a parachute of course) so that’d be the highest drop onto grass.

My friend jumped off a bridge into a river about 30-40 feet high with a uni tied to him and there’s a video somewhere of it. It was pretty cool.

I saw Yoggi from France attempt to do about a 13 foot drop (give or take a foot) onto a tire thingy, but after 4 attempts he bent his crank and wheel, but it was very impressive and fun to watch. I took some pictures and here is one of them.

yoggi's 12 foot drop.jpg