World's first KH26?

Hi folks,

My little project to produce a customized 26" mountain unicycle is finally finished. I have ridden a 26" wheel size for offroad unicycling for years and always wanted a splined one that would do the job. I decided to take a KH 29er frame and build up a 26" wheelset that would fit inside it.

The parts are pretty much identical with the stock KH 29er except I have replaced the 29 inch rim with a sun double wide 26" rim, thrown an nduro leopard 3" tyre on it and wacked on a UDC gel saddle.

The result is a 7.4kg mountain unicycle which should allow me to hit all the drops and jumps I have been avoiding. Anyone else done this before?


ive always wondered why no one has done this… looks sweet


datz beautiful

more photos.

Theere is something about that, thats… beautiful.

What length are the cranks?


Nice ride.

thats awesome, looks a bit clean though… go ride!

The cranks are 150s. I used to ride with 170s but discovered I could cover virtually the same terrain with 150s. Hills are a bit tougher but it lets you motor faster over cross country.

Now when I switch back to 170s they feel waaaay too long.

I have always wanted to do that.

more pics please

sorry to say the same thing evrything else has, but that 26er is insanely attractive :slight_smile:

i want to buy her off u :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice idea. Looks great

mean uni mate, one problem tho… the brake mounts dont line up with the rim, you will have to modify it to get some proper stopping power. heehee

That was the only down side but since I have still not got round to putting brakes on my coker which has had brake mounts for three years, I figure it was a small price to pay to get the wheel size I wanted.

Someone (Nick, maybe?) had just such a “KH26” at the November Long Island Uni gathering.

Sorry, but it’s still a cool vehicle.

Hate you guys at :stuck_out_tongue: .

You’re tempting me to buy more stuff off you already. I’m half decided on whether to go for a custom 26/29er or for a stock KH. Very nice


dude i cant believe this! i was just going to do this! Every thing lately thats been on this forum i was thinking about. Anyway how is it? is it worth it?

And Kris Holm had a KH26 long before that. He used to ride a 26" wheel and had a custom unicycle built to his specifications. Technically that would have been the first KH26.


man, that KH is sex on wheel.