World's Finest Road Saddle

Well, after a very long wait, which was well worth the time, I just got my custom red snakeskin road saddle from Wallis Designs. This state-of-the-art saddle has Scott’s perfect carbon base, carbon bumpers, multi-denisty foam, double air chambers, AND a nifty adjustable-on-the-fly pump to increase or decrease the air pressure. This beauty will of course go on The Red Menace. Ride Report to follow after the snow melts here in Seattle. Pete.


And here’s the base, with the new prototype pump attachment. This is set up for right hand, but can be set up on the other side too. And it is a modular attachment - a regular schraeder valve can be done.
Scott Wallis IS the next level.


You could have one of these on the other side of the underside of the seat.

The design of the prototype pump reminded me of one :smiley:

It looks like the kind of pump on a blood pressure monitor. But as a prototype, I’ll let Scott elaborate on this great innovation.

That thing is making my all giddy. It’s HAWT.

that thing is sweet… whats the cost though ???

Ehm, it looks like a pretty sweet saddle, however it’s a pretty bulky saddle, while I’d prefer a low profile one for touring, preference probably. Why have you chosen for an airsaddle if I may ask? Does it shift when you sit on it? That’s a complaint I heard about air saddles (I’ve never ridden one myself), also, does the gutter actually help? I’d like to hear some more on this saddle!


That blood pressure cuff bulb is a neat idea. It’s nice to see that idea being given a try. Jack Wiley has picture of a saddle with two or three bulbs attached to allow on the fly adjustment of air pressure in an air saddle that had two or three separate bladders inside so the pressure in different areas of the saddle could be tweaked. The picture is in The Unicycle Book.

Does anyone else feel compelled to lick that seat?

that is nice, i am making my own seat cover soon.

i must say, i am very jelous…


Nice! I want one! But I’d have to have the horn on the other side so i wouldn’t honk when I hop.

it looks like Salvador Dali’s famous sculpture of the lip sofa

You don’t realize how good Scot’s stuff really is till you ride on something else.


Oh comedy! I’ll have to talk Harper about putting red lipstick on unisk8r’s new saddle to see what kind of imprint pattern it makes on unisk8r’s cycling shorts. That would be some great entertainment during one of our Seattle area rides, especially if unisk8r doesn’t notice. :slight_smile:

Where’s the lift handle? :thinking:

Don’t you dare, JC! The only one wearing lipstick better be Sissy Man himself!

MuniAddict - there is no lift handle. This is going on a V-frame, with road bars.
The seat end of the bar system is used to mount. No need to grip the seat.

Dustin - This ain’t your father’s airseat. It’s light and tight. No squishiness or possibility of the air bladders moving around. It’s a JEWEL!

Brendan - part of the cost was for R&D. If Scott decides to do production versions, I’m sure he’ll post more info on his web site:

But if it makes a lip imprint on your rear it would be soooo funny. :smiley:

As long as it wasn’t more than $1,000 or so.

Thanks for the comments, questions, and comedy. I was happy to make a unique saddle for Pete’s unique Red Menace geared unicycle.

Pete’s saddle uses my newest air-adjustable cushion experiment, and I have been using this style on my Coker for a while. It is a molded foam cushion with cavities in each side into which I mold urethane rubber air bladders. These badders are connected internally by a very small crossover tube that restricts the airflow, and in turn dampens any side-to-side bounce that would be caused by air transfer between the chambers. This is a different approach than my other molded air cushions, and I continue to develop both styles. This style provides a softer surface while still having the firm support and pressure equalization under the sit-bones as my other style of cushion.

The cover is anchored to the seat base down the centerline at the front, rear, and center to define the relief slot and further stabilize the cushion.

The adjust-on-the-fly pump assembly is something I have been using for quite a while on my personal Coker for seat testing, but have not offered it to customers yet. I actually surprised Pete with this one. It is very useful for quickly dialing in the ideal pressure while you ride, compared to start-and-stop trial and error adjusting. It is also sometimes helpful to change the air pressure during a long ride just to give a different contact pattern on the tender tissues.

Pete paid the regular seat price stated on my web site, plus a charge for the custom leather. I wanted him to try out the pump prototype. I have not set a price for the pump system yet.

The complete seat assembly as shown with pump weighs 1.75 lb, which is somewhat lighter than a plain plastic-base foam saddle.

I hope the weather allows you guys to ride soon. I will be looking formard to the butt-lip photos.