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Are you allowed to ride world records on one of those unicycles with gears? I believe they’re called .5 unicycles? I want to know because I’m planning to get a coker, or one of those fancy .5’s …

It’s not a REAL unicycle is it? Because unicycles are just a wheel a frame and that, but no gears.



Re: World Records

As to your question, I have no idea what you mean.

if it has gears it will still be a unicycle since its only got one wheel!!!

some ‘traditionalists’ may say that records shouldnt be broken using geared unicycles but i think it would be ok. it just shows how things move on.

perhaps you need two sets of records (as is similar in bi*ing) one set for non geared and another for geared

that’s one hell of a great idea :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe that all world records are recorded withthe use of a “standard unicycle” which is defined, in the rulebook as: “Has only one wheel, is driven by crank arms directly attached to the axle, and has no additional devices to support it. For racing, standard unicycles have limitations on maximum wheel size and minimum crank arm length. For Standard Skill, there are no size limitations.” (2004 edition)

This means that a geared unicycle cannot be used. The current Rullebook comitte is updating this, but the new definition still has the part about “driectly attached”.

Bjorn, you’re my hero, thanks. It’s going to be a coker after all then :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the rulebook, it applies to IUF-sanctioned competition events. So far we have nothing for geared unicycles because there are hardly any geared unicycles out there. Yet.

If you were to set a speed record on a geared unicycle, it should be eligible for a geared-unicycle world record.

We have a new World Records Committee within the IUF, but we’re just getting ourselves organized. Much of what this committee does will be to set categories, and reporting standards for record claims/attempts.

Though I would count geared unicycle records separately from non-geared ones, fastest is still fastest. Also, if you were to enter a geared Coker, for example, into an “unlimited” road race at one of our big IUF (or USA) conventions, it would definitely be allowed. In the 10k unlimited race at Unicon last summer, we had 700c skinny wheels with tiny crank arms, 29ers (like mine), Cokers, and at least one geared-up giraffe. The winner was on a 700c skinny with something like 65mm cranks.

55mm from what I understand.


World Record Rules… I’ll get right on that.

I’m pretty sure Yuta said it was 65mm: